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[Discover] Find public Playlists that contain Song/Artist

My theory (not rocket science):


If someone else's playlist includes a song or artists that I like, there is a good change that I will enjoy the rest of their playlist. 


Currently, you can only search for public playlists via playlist name.  Considering that most people do not name their playlists to accurately reflect the type of music it contains, I believe that the current search functionality is quite limited. 


Spotify should have functionality to search for public playlists that contain a song/artist.  I think would be immensly helpful for music discovery.  


Best of luck, 



P.S. - Down the line, it would be interesting to see "similarity scores" between two playlists.  Could be quite interesting for finding new music.  

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks.

Thanks again for all your votes and comments.
We're still keeping an eye on this idea, but at this time we don't have an update.


This would definitively bring Spotify to another level. It's already a great streaming service and music management software piece but finding playlist containings tracks would add a new social and discovery feature which is essential to build a strong community and exchange gems 🙂


This seems so obviously useful I spent some time looking for it - I thought it would already be possible, I just hadn't found the UI for it yet.


I agree that a feature like this should definintely become available.  I am always trying to find music similar to the music I'm already listening to and finding people's playlists with my favorite music in them is the best way to do this.


Yes, let's not search playlist titles when I type in a song.  I want Spotify to find that song within a given playlist.


Come on Spotify, LET"S MAKE THIS HAPPEN 👍✌️


I'd love it

I would love this as well, would probably better for discovering music 'like' your favourites a lot easier.


Fantastic and amazingly useful idea! It has been 2 years since initially posted though. At this point someone (Marco?) needs to speak up and explain why this idea has not been embraced or whats wrong with it. Maybe a liability issue we haven't thought of?


Well anyways, great idea!


P.S. I know you can't speak for Spotify Marco, just wanted to see if you or anyone else had some extra insight.


As an independent artist with music on Spotify, it would be really interesting to see which playlists contain my band's songs from both a curiosity standpoint as well as enabling us to connect directly with our fanbase, schedule tour dates in otherwise overlooked cities, personally thank the creators of curated playlists for including our music, etc.


As a music lover, I agree that this would be a great means of discovering new artists that have already been "found" by other users, almost like a crowdsourced version of Spotify's radio and related artist features.

I'd like this feature implemented, I feel this could revolutionize Spotify.


This would definitely be helpful a lot.


Also, when I hear a song and I would like to add it to, say, 3 playlists this feature would help me to see if I already added that song to those playlists.

You know, I have genre playlists, mood playlists, "event" playlists etc. but sometimes I add the same song more than once because I don't remember I already did and it is impossible to check for duplicates...


still not here yet huh