[Discover] Find your Style by Genre Previews

World is full of different music styles and great bands and artists waiting to be found. It just takes too much time to find best once for you. Wouldn't it be nice to use simple tool to help you navigate throught the landscape of music? 


Spotify has smart algoritms that gives you recommendations but they can only recommend styles that you have allrdy listen, but not those hidden gems that you haven't even heard of. What if I could listen samples from different genres and rate them one by one so that algoritm can narrow the options and recommend new artists and playlists to listen. Rating system should be easy but informative enough and it should narrow choices as rating process goes further (if I don't like metal music, it doesn't ask my opinion anymore)


Example of rating system:

Question: Would you like to hear more songs like this based from these criterias:


Mood: yes/no (additional question: select best mood to describe your choice)

Tempo: yes/no

Singing: yes/no

Lyrics: yes/no

Overall rating: 1-5 stars


If rating system is smart, it could be used allso for crowdsourcing, example to define what are the moods of the songs.


This same idea could be used to allso find music that fits both you and your friend - could be really handy before roadtrip. Tool would narrow styles and artists based of ratings of you and your friend/friends so far until there is somekind of consencus.

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Updated on 2018-07-28

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