[Discover] Force DW to use ONLY my Followed Artists as a sample.

I would like to see an account wide setting where i can set what "music sample" is used to create my next Discover Weekly.


As a disclaimer: my main music genre is rock, metal, metalcore, progmetal.
Currently - to my knowledge - the recently played songs are the "music sample" for the next DW. So if i listen to metal, my DW will be predominantly metal. Personally i want to use DW to discover bands that are close to my main music genre, and nothing else.  My problem is, if i want to play anything other the that, i have to turn on "Private Session" EVERY SINGLE TIME otherwise the music that i'm currently listening to (exp. RnB) will influence my DW, which i don't want to.

So what i would like to see, is to have an option to set the "music sample" of DW.

Two option:
- recently played (this would be the default)
- based of Followed Artists

Today i was in a mood so listen to something chill. Before i clicked "Soul Coffee" which is RnB/Soul, i had to turn on 'Private Session' otherwise RnB songs would swarm my next DW. I had this issue previously. For weeks i had to 'I don't like <artists>' 90% of my DW songs.


So with this option, i could freely listen to whatever i want to, without worry about my Discover Weekly would influenced by it.

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