[Discover] New Release Section for Followed Artists

Please add a section to the desktop and mobile apps where we can see all of the new releases from the artists we follow. 


For a third party solution check out (PLEASE IMPLEMENT IT LIKE THIS)

https://spotifyreleaselist.netlify.app and http://app.swarm.fm

---> Check out my guide on how to use this third party web app


This new section would update automatically when a new album from an artist you follow is available on Spotify. Please make the feed have a high display limit so we can go back months and months and for sure won't miss any releases.


Screenshot from swarm.fm:



The Release Radar playlist is not acceptable!


The problem with the Release Radar playlist is that it mixes in suggestions. I want to see followed artists ONLY. And if you check the playlist a week too late, all the songs are GONE.


We need a feed that we can scroll back months and months and months so we can see all the new releases. We shouldn't have to rush through it and it be gone the next week.



New release emails and in app notifications are no longer offered


Right now you can follow artists and get emails when a new album comes out, but these emails can be very unreliable and easily missed if you get lots of them spamming your email.


I would compare the current situation as Twitter allowing you to follow people on Twitter, but they do not have a feed to see all of the tweets. Instead you have to individually go to each person's profile to see their tweets with the option of getting the tweets sent to your email. See how silly it sounds?


It would work in addition to new release emails. (you can always turn off new release emails in your account settings and just use this new section)

Updated on 2019-10-16

Hi everyone, we've recently reviewed this idea and will keep its status as is for now.


For clarity's sake, here's the relevant section from our previous status update:

"..our teams feel this is currently fulfilled by our Release Radar playlistWith Release Radar, we’re giving you a weekly selection of the newest releases that matter most to you in one convenient playlist. You’ll get all of your new favorite music, without any of the effort that goes into searching for the latest gems."

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Status changed to: New Idea
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Desktop mockup:








iPhone mockup:









I made the mistake of listening some of the new realeases. The result: everytime I want to listen to one of my playlists/radio stations, it'd play one song and then a bounch of songs from the new releases' selection.   I've tried all ways I can think of to keep this from happening, with no result. I am so sick of listening to songs that I don't asked for and I don't want to hear, that I am about to cancel my subscription.  


I'd approve of this! Every single week I miss new releases because I hit the 20 notifications limt, even though I check Spotify every day. 


This would be an excellent feature it could greatly improve the way we can listen to new music from our favourite artists. Love it.

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Thanks for all the support I got in just one week! 😃

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Great idea!


Good idea!!!!!


I had 52 new notifications this morning, but of course I can only access 20 of them. It's incredibly frustating. If they're gonna limit it then limit it to free users; it's not the service I expect as a premium user.

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Must have option. Hope you will release it as soon as possible.