[Discover] New Release Section for Followed Artists

Please add a section to the desktop and mobile apps where we can see all of the new releases from the artists we follow. 


For a third party solution check out http://app.swarm.fm 



This new section would update automatically when a new album from an artist you follow is available on Spotify. Please make the feed have a high display limit so we can go back months and months and for sure won't miss any releases.


Screenshot from swarm.fm:



The Release Radar playlist is not acceptable!


The problem with the Release Radar playlist is that it mixes in suggestions. I want to see followed artists ONLY. And if you check the playlist a week too late, all the songs are GONE.


We need a feed that we can scroll back months and months and months so we can see all the new releases. We shouldn't have to rush through it and it be gone the next week.



New release emails and in app notifications are no longer offered


Right now you can follow artists and get emails when a new album comes out, but these emails can be very unreliable and easily missed if you get lots of them spamming your email.


I would compare the current situation as Twitter allowing you to follow people on Twitter, but they do not have a feed to see all of the tweets. Instead you have to individually go to each person's profile to see their tweets with the option of getting the tweets sent to your email. See how silly it sounds?


It would work in addition to new release emails. (you can always turn off new release emails in your account settings and just use this new section)

Updated on 2017-10-31

Hey folks, this idea received quite a few votes in the last year so we wanted to update you all again. The status on this is still 'Not Right Now' as our teams feel this is currently fulfilled by our Release Radar playlistWith Release Radar, we’re giving you a weekly selection of the newest releases that matter most to you in one convenient playlist. You’ll get all of your new favorite music, without any of the effort that goes into searching for the latest gems. 

At the moment we don't have plans to build a New Releases section just for your artists on our Home page. Should anything change we will update this idea again. Thanks!

Casual Listener

I hope they do this, this feature would be amazing.  I use this application every day, and miss so many of my folowed bands releases because the notifactions are all over the place.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it


Hey folks! We're marking this as a "Good Idea" now that it has reached over 100 kudos. 

We want to hear your feedback on learning about new music from the artists you love and follow. We're passing this on to the right folks and as we get updates on this we'll let you know. Thanks!


I came across this thread, and decided to add to it because it's basically in the same ballpark.


The issue arises from the fact that there are a lot of new releases that aren't featured in the new release section.


I think this particular idea, artists you follow is great, but I'd love to see it expanded to artists that you would find in your discover section.  On new music Tuesday I often get my new release information from other websites, such as Any Decent Music.  Would be great if the new music was honed to your tastes in Spotify itself.


YES! Kudos granted. 


Would be VERY usefull!



yes, yes, please. I'd love to see this implemented as the current notifications system is very unreliable (for me at least). 


Same here! I am not receiving email notifications of new releases for some reason and this would be a great (and superior) solution


I'd love to have this feature.


It would also be nice if you could find a better way to draw my attention to new releases from artists I follow during regular listening sections. I pay zero attention to the user notifications menu. Why not put it in the activity bar on the right side of the window with some special highlighting? And pin it there with a dismiss button. Or repeat it in the activity bar until I click or dismiss it.

This is exactly what I'm looking for. It's weird it's wasn't a default feature from the start. New releases is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Casual Listener

PLEASE do this. I only receive a tiny amount of notifications for new albums from followed artists.

I am missing too much good, new music!!!!