[Discover] New Release Section for Followed Artists

Please add a section to the desktop and mobile apps where we can see all of the new releases from the artists we follow. 


For a third party solution check out 

http://app.swarm.fm and https://spotifyreleaselist.netlify.com



This new section would update automatically when a new album from an artist you follow is available on Spotify. Please make the feed have a high display limit so we can go back months and months and for sure won't miss any releases.


Screenshot from swarm.fm:



The Release Radar playlist is not acceptable!


The problem with the Release Radar playlist is that it mixes in suggestions. I want to see followed artists ONLY. And if you check the playlist a week too late, all the songs are GONE.


We need a feed that we can scroll back months and months and months so we can see all the new releases. We shouldn't have to rush through it and it be gone the next week.



New release emails and in app notifications are no longer offered


Right now you can follow artists and get emails when a new album comes out, but these emails can be very unreliable and easily missed if you get lots of them spamming your email.


I would compare the current situation as Twitter allowing you to follow people on Twitter, but they do not have a feed to see all of the tweets. Instead you have to individually go to each person's profile to see their tweets with the option of getting the tweets sent to your email. See how silly it sounds?


It would work in addition to new release emails. (you can always turn off new release emails in your account settings and just use this new section)

Updated on 2019-10-16

Hi everyone, we've recently reviewed this idea and will keep its status as is for now.


For clarity's sake, here's the relevant section from our previous status update:

"..our teams feel this is currently fulfilled by our Release Radar playlistWith Release Radar, we’re giving you a weekly selection of the newest releases that matter most to you in one convenient playlist. You’ll get all of your new favorite music, without any of the effort that goes into searching for the latest gems."


Honestly if there was a service that carried a comparable amount of music and gave the new music option in there I would drop u in a heart beat Spotify... when u responded to the comment you implicitly left out the every aspect of the specific service, the information left out, the release radar playlist adds new music from siniliar artists and genres etc... you make money by providing artists with a platform to have there music heard there for you make more money the more you can force us to listen to music we wouldn’t either want to or would have came across. And you’re selling it as a new release radar for our preferred music, when it’s not, we can’t prefer something we don’t perceive the existence of... giving us the music that matters to us most... how how are you giving us the music that matters to us most when there are artists on there I have never heard of...? how are you not lying to our faces and actually achieving that by forcing us to listen to or stopping us from achieving the result of new music from our favourite artists listened to,  by the addition of artists we didn’t choose and aren’t even favourited... you will get all your new favourite music without all the effort it takes to search for it... again how many times do you want to lie and mislead us in one response and who even approved that message...? If we go to a playlist for new music from artists we follow... and there wishing that playlist is peppered with music from the same genre or similar artists that we have not liked or haven’t heard of... how are we not putting in the effort we would have to otherwise on say radio or as a different physical action with the same concept ie: scrolling down a playlist or artists etc that collaborate with followed artists etc... we have to search through the playlist for something comparable to what we want not what we actually want... and you lie to us and say that this playlist has no similar aspects similar or to or the same as searching for our favourite artists lastest music and catalogs... when you have directly and with intent added for your own reasons surrounding greed inserted the very thing that qualifies the inquisition as a search through unknown sources for music we like... music we don’t know of, from artists we haven’t heard of or like... it’s one thing to say you know what we’re here to make money, and offer a service at the same time, but to lie to us continually and leave it up as a permament market that we are just cattle to you... wow thanks so much and kodos to your marketing and admin department for continually letting absolute lies to continue to be the herald of your plans and concepts of any improvements possible.

Casual Listener

Status: Not right now.




Release Radar is DREADFUL!!!


Trust me spotify I don't want that. And here's why.



When someone is looking for new music, they want to get to know it. They want to understand which artist they are listening to without having to flick back and forth to spotify every few minutes.


You may think up there on your spotify music high horse that people like to just sit down on a bean bag somewhere and listen to music, gently contemplating each new song as it goes by.


No no no no!!


Here's an eye opener: I'm doing other things while the music is on. I just want new music ONLY by one artist at a time.


So the release radar **bleep** because I don't want a million new songs from a million different artists all in one go.


So I don't use it at all.


Then add in the weekly refresh. Just don't even get me started on that.


Hey spotify, here's an idea. If a thread for a feature gets to 18 pages, maybe you should have a think about actually implementing that, dontchathink?




What's that, your customers want something?! Wonder what you should do about that?!!


This feature would be essential. I cannot believe that Spotify think the Release Radar is equivalent feature. 

As the User already mentioned: The problem with the Release Radar playlist is that it mixes in suggestions. I want to see followed artists ONLY. And if you check the playlist a week too late, all the songs are GONE.


To ignore User Storys is not the way agile thinking works. 

Casual Listener

Money make things work.

My hypothesis is that Spotify charges big bucks to music majors to push their **bleep** up front. That's probably why they don't want you to stay focused on what you really like. They need ways to force that **bleep** up your head.


And again, release radar is **bleep**. It's random stuffs of artists I don't even follow. I don't see the point. It really upsets me not beeing able to browse new releases from my favourite artists.


I think I'll give apple music a try. There's a 3 month free stuff offer. And guess what : https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208146


Yeah that's right. "You can get notifications when your top artists release new music"


How crazy is that...




Would still love to have this feature. I think it's pretty awkward for spotify to have a calendar for concerts of the artists I follow that will perform in my country (love this feature btw) but not for album releases of those artists. You'd think the priorities are different for a music player. 


Dear Spotify,

we paying customers just want to see a list of ALL releases of ALL followed artists sorted by release date on Spotify (not the release date of the actual record). 

Some of us might be happy with the Release Radar, I'm definitely NOT. I don't want to miss any publication of any of my followed artist, hence I really miss this feature and I don't know why you struggle so much of implementing it.


Please rediscuss now and bring it in 2018!!



Casual Listener

Im gonna unsuscribe this post because this is a **bleep**in waste of time and im tired of waiting a serious response.

I know we're all waiting for the same, i'm with you spotifiers.


I hope a Spotify competitor comes out soon to put them out of business. Spotify is a rotten, degenerate, lazy and over hired company. These echo chamber community forums are proof they do not give a rats **bleep** about us. Over hired with mouth breathing automaton robots that make more money than us and do absolutely nothing a computer or monkey couldn't do

Casual Listener

The point you're ommiting is that this functionnality existed before, was great, and was removed.

You cannot do that ever in app design or you will get anger from your user. This is what happens here.

And Spotify is way bigger than Apple and M$ regarding music streaming (76M users in the US vs 36 or so for Apple). So I don't see the point. Ofc spotify is technically very very good but if your users are angry there is probably a reason. Telling ppl "be happy and move on" is usually not a way to address that in the software dev industry.