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[Discover] New Releases Section for Followed Artists

Please add a section to the desktop and mobile apps where we can see all of the new releases from the artists we follow. When artists release new music, their fans want a way to find it directly in Spotify without having to rely on social media or elsewhere away from the Spotify app. The Release Radar playlist by Spotify only shows some new releases and then it disappears a week later.


This new section would act as a "feed" and update automatically when a new album from an artist you follow is available on Spotify. Please make the feed have a high display limit so we can go back months and months and for sure won't miss any releases.


For a third party solution check out (PLEASE IMPLEMENT IT LIKE THIS)

---> Check out my guide on how to use this third party web app


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The problem with the current "new releases" section is that it doesn't show new releases from artists you follow. It only show the most popular new releases. The only way right now to find new releases is to go to the artist's page and hunt around for the new release or use the Release Radar playlist.


The Release Radar playlist is not what we want. The problem with the Release Radar playlist is that it mixes in suggestions. I want to see followed artists ONLY. And if you check the playlist a week too late, all the songs are GONE.


We need a feed that we can scroll back months and months and months so we can see all the new releases from the artists we follow. We shouldn't have to rush through it and it be gone the next week.

Updated on 2019-10-16

Hi everyone, we've recently reviewed this idea and will keep its status as is for now.


For clarity's sake, here's the relevant section from our previous status update:

"..our teams feel this is currently fulfilled by our Release Radar playlistWith Release Radar, we’re giving you a weekly selection of the newest releases that matter most to you in one convenient playlist. You’ll get all of your new favorite music, without any of the effort that goes into searching for the latest gems."


No action still, it's a difficult decision but I have just cancelled the Premium plan out of frustration for the lack of listening to customers' needs. Why pay for something you aren't not happy paying for.

Agree - theres this big move of people cancelling for political reasons, some friends switched to Tidal and said its way better. Frankly I respect Spotify standing firm against the mob, and while I think its awful gow little they pay artists the reason I might quit is because they don't listen to simple, sensible, core functionality requests like this.

I totally agree I never felt Support from Spotify as an up & coming artist. They seem more focused on Mainstream Artists. They just lost Billions of dollars over a Streaming conflict. Karma is a **bleep** 😂


How about a Release Radar that contains music that I can actually play?

It says and I quote "MADE FOR BELLYMAN6969" - hey that's me. And look at the first song on the list --- it is darkened. Now why the **bleep** do you think it is darkened? Because SILLY #Rentify created a list that ALREADY has songs (MADE FOR ME REMEMBER) that do not have the licensing to play in my region (the region where I live - the region where the list was MADE FOR ME - REMEMBER?)



3 out of the 30 or 10% are unplayable





Going though the forum I find it ridiculous that, even though there are several posts with thousands of upvotes to improve this feature the Spotify team still seem reluctant to do anything about it. 


I find it rather misleading having a playlist called "Release Radar" that suggests artists I've never listened to before. From the name I would expect it to be releases from artist I follow. If i want to listen to new artist I use the "Discover Weakly" playlist which does a much better job of actually finding stuff I will like. In its current form I find the "Release Radar" to be utter useless.


This is a much needed feature to avoid the need to keep (-) removing songs from the Release Radar feed – songs which otherwise enjoyed from the Discover Weekly playlist feed. But I'm specifically looking for Artists I follow. To me this is one of the primary reasons to follow artists and it should allow for its own playlist feed devoid of any algorithmic suggestions.


I regularly miss new music releases. Release Radar requires me to go check. I want to be notified. Why follow bands if you're not going to be notified? I used to get the emails, but don't anymore. 


This needs to happen on the Desktop app. Not sure why it's not there. Would like to hear from the UX folks their reasoning for not having it.


It's just straight up NOT 'fulfilled by the release radar;' the release radar is terribly useless to most people who only want to listen to... yknow songs that you WANT to listen to.

Besides... I'm sure others would feel better about a holistic release view instead of only the most recent twenty. I'm extremely disappointed Spotify... Might move back over to apple music, because what's the point of feature suggestions if they get to 2.5K votes and you just say 'nah, shot down. goodbye.'

Listen to your user base, or your user base will disappear.

Or, keep rolling out new UIs every two weeks and ignore all of the actually useful feature suggestions. Really guys?? We fund your whole operation by paying for premium; the least you can do is give your customers what they want.

I just discovered this „new“ (I don’ know since when it exists) feature.

At first glance, it seems to cover all new releases of the past two weeks (last one is from July 2nd)

It's inconvenient as usual, but somehow my iPhone is connected to my MacBook, so I can play the songs on the iPhone and continue listening and organizing them on the MacBook.

Questions for Spotify:

1. Does the said list (with the bell symbol) actually contain all new releases or is it a selection according to the release radar?
2. Why is it missing on the desktop app? Is there no space left?