[Discover] Notifications for New Releases of followed Artists

In the latest update the notification area of new songs from artists you follow was removed. I want it back!
At the moment there is no point to follow any artist because email or mobile push nofications don't work either.
I want to see new songs from the artists I follow somehow.

Updated on 2017-06-13

Hey everyone. This idea status is still "Not Right . Now". To make sure you have your email and push notifications set up the way you'd like, check out the steps here.

We'll come back to this idea if there are any updates/ changes around this. Of course it is still open for your feedback which we're continuing to bring back to our internal teams. Thanks!

Casual Listener

Yes!! This is a great idea becuase it makes discovering new music so much easier. it feels like a music social media where you get notifications when the artist you follow drops new music.

This also makes "following" artists actually useful, because as of now it does nothing (atleast that i know of).

Music Fan

And what's infuriating is that the option is still in the settings. But for me, notifications never worked even when I'd turn them on and remove Spotify from battery saving options.

So I don't understand the notifications settings tab...


Does anyone know why this feature was removed in the first place? It worked, what was the problem? 

Release Radar and the New Releases emails are nice, but I can't be sure they show all the new releases from all the artists I follow.

Gig Goer

I've given up and now rely on the app Crabhands and swarm.fm. They're the only alternative I've found that reliably finds music by artists I follow and Crabhands even automatically adds it to a playlist.

Yeah, Release Radar is useless for me because it includes mostly artists I don’t want. I’d have to check it all the time for the rare times it includes someone I follow (which is, I think, the actual goal of Spotify). What I (& everyone else) want is to be able to follow specific artists & get a list of everything those artists, and only those artists, have added to Spotify since I last checked. That is exactly what the bell did. I still use Spotify, but I will never get a paid subscription until this feature comes back.
Casual Listener

Will Spotify tell us why this wasn't classed as a good idea?