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[Discover Weekly] View previous Discover Weekly Playlists

The discover weekly feature is excellent, however I was disappointed yesterday to notice that last weeks playlist had disappeared. It would be great to be able to view previous discover weekly playlists. 





Updated on 2020-11-03

Hey folks,
We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


completly agree, got on this thread trying to find a song with "magic" in the title or artists name, been searching for ages aswell. Trance,chill wave genre if anyone can suggest what it could be.


majik - its alright 


its alright guys, never mind 


@CapitalSteezMaw you're probably looking for the artist Slow Magic.

I've created a playlist on spotify that is an archive of the past few weeks of the discover weekly playlist and I plan to continue adding each new discover weekly playlist to it. It's called Discover Weekly: Archives for anyone who would like to follow it.

@hugh97 just so you know, that everybody's Discover Weekly playlist is different based on the music they listen to, so your Discover Weekly: Archives will only be your playlists, not anybody else's. 


I LOVE the Discover Weekly but would LOVE if it was added to a playlist of mine somewhere or even a new dedicated playlist so I can keep track of these musics! It sucks only being able to find the last 50 songs in history when you listen to Spotify all day and really want to hear something from last week! Change this!!

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated: 2015-09-16

Hey everyone, thanks for your feedback around Discover Weekly. Glad to hear you're enjoying it @user-removed. Right now we're marking this as 'Not Right Now' but we will let you know if we revisit this in the future. Thanks folks!

For those that use IFTTT, here's some info on setting up a Discover Weekly archive




I made a little site with wich you can create a permanent playlist out of your weekly mix. It's here:

Feedback highly appreciated 🙂




Another vote for being able to recover prior Discover Weekly playlists.  Sometimes you like a song and aren't in a position to save it and when you go back later its gone and ya can't find it


My Discover weekly playlist is not updated this Monday, any idea why?