[Discover] like and dislike button optimization in Spotify Radio

Hi there community, I would like it if there was a way to not only use the like and dislike buttons in Spotify Radio, but also being able to indicate whether you just don't like a particular song or if it's the artist you don't like. I would love to see it implemented.

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Completely agree.

The strange and most frustrating thing is that Spotify is so inconsistent with their features. In the discover weekly, you have the heart on the left and 'dislike' on the right. And if you do it from the app, you have exactly this feature! (Select whether you don't like the particular song or artist).

But in the radios the 'like' Button is on the right side. Because of muscle memory I have regularly 'disliked' songs I meant to save, and then had to search for it because it disappears from the radio!


The solution is to stick with one of them. Preferably the hearts on the left, because that's where the save button is (thus having consistency with "I like this = left side")  


Absolutely ridiculous in their design of the app, in this and so many other features. 

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Hi @Frankie77 & @TomTommoTmoT


I beleive that feature is only available for the "Weekly Discovery" list. Now, I'm not sure if this is a design issue or a licensing issue. Meaning, I'm not sure of the possibility that there needs to be an additional license to add that feature. A good example of that is the creation of "radio stations." Have you noticed that on most streaming services, the radio stations are usually the only ones to have a thumbs up and down?


However, It is safe to say that if you continue to thumbs down songs from a certain artist enough, eventually it will trigger Spotify's algorithms and will no longer suggest that artist, or play him/her almost never.



This feature seems to be missing from the web player completely. Lately my discover weekly repeatedly contained artists I HATE and I'd love to be able to black list them. Since that's off the table, I'd at least like to downvote them to shreds, but I mostly listen to Spotify at work, where I can only use the web player. Frustrating...


This is exactly what I'm hoping for. I love the Daily Mixes playlists I get but 2 or 3 them play a specific artist that I don't like at all. I would really like to be able to select an option for "do not play this artist" either specifically for playists, radios or just even in general. I will never want to listen to this artist and if by some strange reason I did want to, I could go to that artist and "unblacklist" them


I wish Spotify had a consistent Like/Ban interface EVERYWHERE.  


Spotifie's inconsistent interface drives me nuts.  Sometimes you can like/ban, sometimes you can't. Sometimes you can like/ban on one device but not another for the same song. Sometimes like/ban is on the lock screen, sometimes it's not. 


Stop screwing around and make like/ban a standard feature across all song sources. 


Like doesn't mean "download this song and fill up my scarce device memory." It just means I like the song and would like to hear it again as well as others like it. Some users may want Like to mean "download this song" so it should be a user preference.


I don't want to bother with a secondary "dislike this song" or "dislike this artist" when I click Ban. Spotify should just stop playing the current song.  If I keep disliking different versions of the song then spotify should figure out it's the song I don't like. If I dislike different songs by the same artist, then the artist is the problem.  Thing is, with AI as good as it is, spotify should be able to figure it out on it's own. 


Again, some users may want to have more granular control so make it a user preference to either just provide like/ban with one tap or lead to a more granular dialog with a tap.




I feel the same way. So frustrating....

The most frustrating part is selecting "don't play this artist" on a daily
mix, and 2 songs later you get the same artist. And a week later the same
artist is on every daily mix including the one you said DON'T PLAY THIS
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Hey there,


That's a great idea, but something similar has already been suggested.

You can check it out here.


Have a nice day!


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Updated on 2019-01-03

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