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Edit Your Playlist History

My account was hacked so when I open the AI Player it brings up songs suggestions based on my hackers listening choices.

I have been told by the Escalations Department that my past listening history cannot be edited. I am a paying customer, if my account was hacked I should be able to edit my listening history. My future music choices are based on my hackers choices. That isn't fair to me as a customer. Everyone should be able to edit the history. Maybe you had a breakup and don't want certain songs to remind you?

This option should atleast be available to someone whose account was hacked.


In Netflix you are able to edit the past movies you have watched. It was fun to look at my history from the inception of my account. 


The only suggestion I received was to start a new account.  It takes several hundred hours to get your playlists just right over several years.


My son used my phone and was playing music on my account recently and now that I have it back I am not getting reccomendations for music that I even like. Please help!