[Facebook] Remove Facebook from a Facebook created Account

A lot of people who initially made their account with Facebook wish to deactivate their Facebook accounts, but if they do so they will also loose access and all data they got over the years of their Spotify account, since it was created using their Facebook details. 


There should be an easy way to change your Spotify account, from a Spotify account which is tied to Facebook, to a Spotify (email only) account without deleting and creating a new Account, and especially without losing your listening history and suggestions - which is why a lot of people even use Spotify.


Updated on 2018-07-28

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Spotify, please change this. The email address I used (through Facebook) when I signed up is no longer in use. I have since updated that email address on my Facebook account, but now I cannot update it on my Spotify account. This should be way easier and more streamlined. I would really like to recieve email updates and notifications about my account, but I can't as long as I'm unable to change my email address on my Spotify account.

Casual Listener

Please, please, Facebook is like a **bleep** parasite, once you got it, you can't get rid of it! 


Facebook gives Spotify (and others) access to users private messages.


Hmmm. This seems like good motivation to not let people out of their Facebook created accounts. There has to be a class action lawsuit or something in this somewhere... One more example of these companies raping our trust and private information for $$$


Yes, yes, yes please! Let me remove that shitty link to FB to my acc. No, it's not impossible, if Goodreads can do it, so can you!


As a developer and engineer, this is unacceptable...
I should never have signed up using facebook, but I believe that was the only option at the time. I don't recall there even being a non-facebook signup method when I first started using Spotify...
This is literally the only thing keeping me from deleting my facebook. I have thousands of songs, many playlists, connections, etc... There's no way I won't loose data if I were to migrate to a new account. If this is the only option I'd rather move to a different service than go through all the trouble. If my desire to delete facebook ever outweigs my desire to keep spotify, this is exactly what may happen.
Other than this, I love spotify. Please find a solution so I can continue being your customer.


This is the wackest thing about Spotify imo. I don't want to deal with finding friends all over again and recreating all of my playlists. This is the type of feature where if I have to cancel and re-open a new account just to resolve it, I'd rather just cancel Spotify altogether. 


Why is this still not a thing? I can set a device password in the settings and sign into my account with that on all devices and platforms, but still not remove Facebook? It seems like all the pieces are in place, you just need to let us do the unlinking step.


Remember back in the early days when you forced all German users to sign up to Spotify with Facebook? Now your Platform is the the last thing forcing me to keep my account with them.


I cancelled my Spotify subscription until this issue is solved. When I can safely unlink my Facebook account from Spotify and keep my data, including the history of when I added songs to playlists and the data used to algorithmically suggest tailored music, I will upgrade back to a paid subscription. 


I have Spotify Premium for Family. My account must have been created using facebook??  I no longer have a facebook account and therefore I am unable to login to my plan. I would like to keep my playlists and like histories and so would other members of my family.  


One of the suggestions on the forum was to use the email address associated with the facebook account and try to reset the password this way. I have done so and I still show no Family Premium plan. That email address was *snip*


I have also emailed to switch the account to the email I presently use: *snip*

There was no reply.


I can confirm I am still being billed for Spotify Premium and other members of my family are still able to use the Premium service.


Billing confirmation from American Express is as follows:

Additional Information: P09424577E DIRECT MKTG MISC
Reference: 320190290680616339
I would like to use my email address *snip* as my primary account for the Premium Family Subscription and continue billing, playlists, like histories, etc for myself and my family. 
Please advise how this may be accomplied.

It is absolutely essential, that you get this issue resolved. I like to cancel Facebook, but I can’t because I created my payed Spotify account with it. Please solve this or you loose a customer.