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Feature that allows users to change album covers

Hello! I hope this message finds you well. First and foremost, I would like to say that this idea is not so unique because a lot of fellow users have commented about this previously across social medias.

These past few years, many artists have released alternative cover-art of their newest release - take Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande for instance, with both "1989 (Taylor's Version)" and "Eternal Sunshine" -, but that never gets fully translated to the Spotify platform unless the release contains an exclusive track the artist choose to release digitally, which I find a missed opportunity since Spotify has done a lot to create a more personalized to users experience.

I personally think many people would use the feature of changing the album cover of their liking if they are official alternative versions related to said album. It'd bring a fresh uniqueness that definitely would change the way we listen the music we love.