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Feature to block songs entirely

It would be great if we could hide a song entirely, because as far as I'm aware, the way it's supposed to work (but doesn't work right now) is that it only hides it from one playlist. I want to block songs overall.


It's because Spotify practices payola, through which they are paid to promote specific artists/podcasts. I have repeatedly removed Yumi Zouma from every daily mix playlist, and she is still a predominating artists on nearly all 6 mixes. Yes, even a song I previously removed nevertheless appears on multiple daily mixes. In some instances, despite being an indie-folk artist, she is promoted alongside artists like Jimi Hendricks or ODESZA - it's lazy if not disrespectful, and can only be explained by some kind of pay-to-play scheme. Also, the fact that Spotify does not incorporate this simple fix is a strong suggestion that we are a product that they sell to the music industry. Consider how some artists' shows are recommended to you, even if you barely listen to them, and yet others you enjoy and who are coming to a venue near you do not get mentions. PAY-O-LA


If you think Spotify cares about listener experience or music, I have bad news for you. We are at the mercy of boardroom execs who think of music as bait.

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They should also do this with artists... or song genres! I hate country music, and I don't like artists who sing a lot of curse songs! This would be a nice feature!


Blocking/taging/x-+  a song from a Spot playlist would help make some lists enjoyable,Otherwise I have to fast forward/skip the song or not use the otherwise enjoyable list it may be a complicated filter, If many users skip a song manually Spot should tag it for replacement or deletion. One daily list #? I skip for that reason. Another issue is a good song inappropriate for the list in a otherwise desirable list. I've created my own lists for that reason.


Yes!! I'm so sick and tired of not being able to block artists! This is especially a problem for me because spotify keeps trying to play songs from artists with EXTREME controversies that i don't want to support!!! I would very much like to block those kinds of artists and never see them again. I heard they used to let people block artists, but removed it for no reason. BRING IT TF BACK SPOTIFY!!!!!!!


If You Tag LIKED songs and create  your own play lists of artists with the tagged music It doesn't take long to have a library of music you like. I tend to play my lists until I get sick of listening to them then start looking for others. and compiling new lists. Also It's easy to delete music you are tired of but still like from your play lists they remain in liked list until removed.


They use to have this feature and it says "implemented" on the top feature suggestion for this topic. I don't know why they removed this. I'm sick and tired of being recommended Hazbin Hotel songs and I want it to stop. I'm tired of having the same songs I hate recommended to me over and over again. please at the very least let me dismiss a song from being recommended to a specific playlist I made. I can dismiss a song from the Smart Shuffle function, but not the Recommended function. In the daily mixes playlists, I have to do that for each playlist. Just let me block a song, please. 




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***There is no version of a capitalist society where this ends up "improving music lover's experience," and the result, as expected, is that I get shitty music recommendations, an annoying user interface that prioritizes shoving shitty pseudo-advertisements in my face over providing me a list of songs I'll potentially like, and a music experience where I HAVE TO WORK HARD TO FIND SONGS I LIKE.


I literally hate what Spotify has become and I miss the days of Pirate Bay. I want a way to transfer my playlists (SOMETHING I PRODUCED ON SPOTIFY) to another music streaming platform