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Finding songs by descriptors/musical-elements/instruments/genres (or a combination)

Status: Live Idea

Examples: I want to find songs that have all of the following descriptors/tags/genres:

  • Instrumental, energetic, playful, rock, electric guitar, solo.
  • Or, atmospheric, female vocalist, rebellious, intense, violin, piano.
  • Or, distortion, metal, screaming, ambient, cosmic., which describes itself as "one of the largest music databases and communities online," has 'descriptors' metadata for music and lets you filter songs by descriptors and/or genres, which I'm really positive about. However, it's a very limited set/class of descriptors (for example, there is no 'violin'), so you can't be very specific with it. You have to be lucky to want something that can map to the existing descriptors. In addition, it's not intelligence-involved (not involving song analysis), but rather crowd-based (the community contributes to it). While this is a great effort (I'm very happy using RYM a lot), you wouldn't expect many less popular songs to have decent descriptors, so this big area of songs is almost missed in the lookup.

On the other hand, imagine you are talking to a human who knows and remembers everything about music and musical elements/descriptors/instruments and who has listened to every song on Spotify and happens to remember them all very well. (Not a hard/creative analogy to come up with, but I'm trying to make myself clearer.) At this point, you don't only have the advantage of asking this person for good ambient, sad, black metal songs for your mood and personal taste (which arguably Spotify does), but you also have the advantage of being able to ask for songs that so specifically include a set of musical descriptors/elements/instruments/themes. The power in this case comes from how specific/free you can describe/request songs.

I know this does not sound like a feature that the average music enjoyer who simply wants good music conveniently would care about, but I guess that many extreme music addicts would maybe find interest in it.


Also, I think that this is technically highly challenging to implement in a reliable and convenient way to use.


When I think of it, I often imagine it as a different service/app than Spotify that can integrate with Spotify, targeting a different set of users (music nerds or whatever).

I decided to post it out of curiosity to see your opinions.


I wish this exists so bad that I feel like I'm ready to pay an expensive subscription to a service that does only it.