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Full Redesign

Check out this great redesign of the both apps. Desktop and mobile.


I was about to post this. It's crazy that a whole team of probably well paid UI/UX designers are not capable of doing what one woman is doing. She's so talented. I'm a UI designer myself and some of the current design decisions are just madness.


A redesign specialist with a ton of suggestions based on zero data or measurable objectives! Oh how the world needs one of these!


Biased, misleading tripe. Waste of time. 




You also down with her ideas to monetize Wikipedia? Her ideas are so good they are in direct contradiction to the mission of Wikipedia entirely! 

She’s ahead of her time, man. 


Yes PLEASE! Her re-design is so amazing and intuitive, I especially love the discovery section she designed. Honestly, I was very skeptical cause I really like Spotify and people always exaggerate how bad it is, but she nailed everything and made EVERYTHING better.


It intrigues me, why must Spotify be so dreadful? Did they say "let's preserve the worst aspects of radio and bring that into the future." Let us redefine what "LIST" means. From now on it means Lost Initial Song Thread. Add random songs so that maybe they will pay.