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Give back large album covers

<span;>In Search the large icons turned to lists under albums & Playlist. Need a select view option to be able to view larger album covers & full size Playlist covers.
<span;>Can't see the album cover art & can't easily identify musical styles based on the cover art when it cant be seen because it is now just a tiny icon. Not going to sit and pull up every album that comes up under search, would prefer to look for similarities from the large album cover icon as it was previously.
<span;>for example, I can see that an album is punk most of the time by the album art showing punk style art or picture of the band. same for metal & even thrash metal can be differentiated from other metal most of the time by the album art.
<span;>Another example is the record label identifier. Finding music by record label frequently finds similar music to one's I like.many albums have a small identifier of the record label. When viewing larger pictures of albums these can be seen & I will pull it up & maybe discover a new artist I like. With the tiny icons these can not be seen.
<span;>The old way of viewing Playlist with large view would show 4 album covers in the view allowing me to sort of get an idea snapshot of the type of songs in a Playlist & find ones that match my search or peak my interest to explore. Now it's just one tiny album cover. Again not going to open every Playlist in the list to see what's in them. Old way had a way to narrow the search by easily identifying those to skip & those of interest.

<span;>Scrolling through albums under artists changed negatively. This applies to artists with long lists of albums (Beethoven for example) prior to change, let's say you scrolled down 10 pages of albums looking for a specific conductor. Opened an album, see that it is not what you were looking for & closed the album. You were placed back in the list at that same point. Now it puts you at the top of the list. If you want to continue going down the list to look for the Beethoven album by a specific conductor. You have to scroll down the 10 pages to find that last starting point. It is very difficult to locate that last album you opened as the starting point to continue the search.


Yes, please bring back the option for grid view for artists, albums, playlists and songs filters in Search! The cover art is hard to see in list view. The search experience is much more enjoyable when you can enjoy the cover art.