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[Google Home] Play on specific Device

I've got Google Home and I've got Sonos.

I'd like to be able to say, "Hey Google, play some Jazz music on my Sonos devices"


At the moment, I can get Google Home to play music on my tiny Google Home speaker.

I can then go to Spotify on my PC or phone, and then change the device.

But if I'm doing that, I might as well do that to begin with and not bother with voice commands.

Updated on 2018-01-07

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Can you register the device in the google home app?


we have 5 insignia speakers registered in the google home app with different speaker groups and are able to have music played on any speaker or grouping with a voice command.


Won't help for Sonos, but the Yamaha and Marantz may have Bluetooth Audio support. So does the Google Home/Mini.

From the Google Home app, go to the speaker device settings, about half way down pick "Default music speaker", and there's the option to pair a Bluetooth speaker.


OK, doesn't help with selecting between multiple devices. And there's the quality loss recompressing for Bluetooth. But gets full voice control (including power on if the reciever supports it; "bluetooth standby" in the setup menu according to the YG957 manual) without having to keep changing the output in-app, and even Bluetooth audio should sound better than the home mini speaker...


I exchanged my Sonos Connect for a Yamaha NP-S303 music-streamer and got my Google Home mini playing music on my Hi-Fi system (Spotify and Tunein) Just connected the Yamaha streamer with the Google Home mini via bluetooth.


Finally im able to say 'Hey Google play music on Spotify' and my Hi-Fi system starts paying 🙂


When I ask a question to my Google Home mini it mutes/dimms the sound on the Hi-Fi system, and replies the answer thrue the Google Home mini speaker. When the answer is given the Hi-Fi system returns to normal sound level.


So ? No news about this feature ?


indee. same question here. I'd like to set my default output device for my son's account/


this is similar idea (with more votes) so maybe give your vote here as well;


and a possibly relevant article:


Please upvote this feature! It'd be great for those who have a seperate speaker system


I have a Yamaha Receiver. I've been waiting for ages for Yamaha to offer Google Home support. They now do but I realise it doesn't do what I really want. I just need Spotify to add support for device selection to their Google Home App


Just  got a Google Home Mini and I am surprised this hasn't been fixed yet..


Hope it comes soon because my device is unfortunately useless with Spotify until then


An alternative would be to make a spotify app device selection defaultable.  So you can set up the default device to play on once.  Either works for me!

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People have asked for this since atleast 2016. I can play spotify on Chromecasts, but not my Spotify Connect device, which I use for music playback at home since all smart speakers sounds like **bleep**... (and the Chromecast audio is discontinued...)

I wonder if I can do this with Tidal instead...