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[Hardware] The Spotify Player

I would like Spotify to develop a (touchscreen if possible) - Hifi system machine with display


I am sick of having my laptop on all day just to play Spotify - or my phone


Please build a product - I can log into Spotify on and leave that on all day - without never needing my laptop or phone again


To give my other devices a rest - I know there are radio's that have 'Spotify connect" on it but the ones I saw require phone connection and internet connection etc unless anyone can comment and recommend something - i do not believe this has been done yet and i hope Spotify or some company capable of creating this does it - cos i think it could be a gold mine for those - worried about the battery life of their devices that shouldn't be used as a cd player in 2020


I would love one that can download my 3k song playlists and store that on it and just play that all night and day etc - so it will need a good amount of storage


Look forward to your replies and hopefully you vote it up - so i can get an official reply




Updated on 2023-03-23

Hey everyone,


This suggestion got moved to the wrong place by mistake and we're setting it to live idea again. Thank you all for bringing your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here. Please continue to add your votes and support this idea, so that it would have a better chance of being considered, as Spotify always strives to improve your experience.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


can i use my  mp3 player to download music?


Hi everyone


I saw this Kickstarter and thought you might be interested:


Mighty is the first and only device that plays your Spotify music without being connected to a smartphone. Lightweight, durable, and small enough to clip-on to any piece of clothing, it's the perfect device for your active life. Mighty comes equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, is compatible with iPhones and Androids, and can play 48 hours of music without any internet connection.

i also think we need mini spotify players with sim card like mobile modems so that will solve the connection problem

Eventhough this is not the spotify business, You can always partnership with some famous manufacturers, all it might take is a negociation, But there will be no real thrill of music if the quality is bad, this needs real quality players like the htc BoomSound [ M8 fan 😉 ], Bose etc.

Making a device is not a big problem, Just take android os, remove the un necessary service that drain battery and there you go, device ready, but the music listening needs please of high quality sound.

I know there are devices (Home Theaters I guess) from Bose to play spotify.


Yup I need a device like this in my live.

iPhone batery dies to quickly!


I was hoping to use the playlist on an MP3 devise to assist my wife who has Parkinsons and demeture and I am told that thois could greatly assist her walking.  Any thoughts will assist.

Brian Jackson


I was hoping to use the playlist on an MP3 device to assist my wife who has Parkinsons and demeture and I am told that this could greatly assist her walking.  Any thoughts will assist.  My Thanks in advance.

Brian Jackson


I'm a professional athlete and run alot, I cant run without spotify but it would be so much easier if I did'nt have to lug my smartphone with.


Samsung ext..should get on this. A spotify player the size of a matchbox


In 2001, iPod redefined the market of portable music players, but today, we all listen music on our smartphones, because we can stream our music, and don't have to carry any other device with us. We don't use those MP3 players because:

1. They are not cool.
2. We have to connect them with cables, to computer, choose some music we MIGHT want to listen, sync it. 
3. If we want to keep it up-to-date, we have to do it, almost every day, but at least once a week, and we don't discover new stuffs this way.

My idea is an iPod Shuffle like cheap and wearable devices with the following stuff:
1. Using deep-learning technologies, as you do it, making "Your daily mix" or suggesting music for sport activities, with different BPM.
2. Device would have Bluetooth LE, connected to our smartphone, and to the Spotify account you use it with. During the night, it would sync some playlist into this device.

3. You could allow access, or integrate the most famous sport tracker apps, and develop algorithms suggesting songs, based on sports data. 
4. It could be used as a independent device, for running or daily activities (so you don't need to have your phone with you, and updates songs once it gets connected to your phone), or as an extension, I mean if you start a running workout on your phone, device jumps to the "running playlist" or if you switch pace, it jumps to a song, suits that pace, with its BPM.
5. So it syncs playlists, for different stuff. 
6. So it doesn't need screen, just like iPod Shuffle only the 5 basic control buttons, and two additional!
-Power button should have 3 cases. Left side is OFF,  middle status is ON and the right side is the NEXT PLAYLIST fuction, but it pops back to the middle after every using. 
-Voice Over button, that informs you about the playlist you listen or the song you listen.
7. Inductive chargeing.
8. Low price, maybe around $50. 

What do you think? 🙂