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[Hardware] The Spotify Player

I would like Spotify to develop a (touchscreen if possible) - Hifi system machine with display


I am sick of having my laptop on all day just to play Spotify - or my phone


Please build a product - I can log into Spotify on and leave that on all day - without never needing my laptop or phone again


To give my other devices a rest - I know there are radio's that have 'Spotify connect" on it but the ones I saw require phone connection and internet connection etc unless anyone can comment and recommend something - i do not believe this has been done yet and i hope Spotify or some company capable of creating this does it - cos i think it could be a gold mine for those - worried about the battery life of their devices that shouldn't be used as a cd player in 2020


I would love one that can download my 3k song playlists and store that on it and just play that all night and day etc - so it will need a good amount of storage


Look forward to your replies and hopefully you vote it up - so i can get an official reply




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Hey everyone,


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yes, yes, yes!

We all know the car thing. But there is one big issue that is a very personal one to me, and that is that you need a smart phone to use the thing. I have struggled with addiction to my smart phone for 5 years now and purposely switched myself to a dumb phone (flip phone) so I could save myself from falling any further into it. I love listening to music and I am constantly traveling, so not having a smart phone on me keeps me from listening to music on the go without going through the mp3 player hassle. So my idea is to have a larger version of the car thing, with around a 40 hour battery life that can run spotify all by itself. A low powered ARM processor can be used to help make this happen. Hopefully Spotify takes this into consideration, and thanks you for reading.


Yes to this!

I am using the CarThing on my desktop as a dedicated Spotify Controller. 

I would love the ability to "Default output to a specific Spotify Connect Speaker", currently i have to use my iPhone app to 'switch' the output to that speaker. 


It would be great if "Hey Spotify" also keeps the audio playing in that device instead of swapping to the phone audio.





Yes! all you need to do is add a setting in the options menu to have a default playback device, so when you start something on the car thing it defaults to the spotify app you want, instead of playing out of your phone!


right now, I press play on my car thing, then use my phone to change the device to my TV / computer. It would be nice if the car thing could save the default device, and pressing play on it would default try to play on that device. If this setting defaulted to "your connected phone" then the UX / user experience wouldn't change for existing users.



we need pc app compatibility!!


Cool to see this. Don't know if it's been said but I connect it to my phone and also connect to Sonos. Works great up until i use vpice controls, which disconnecr Sonos upon execution.


if this is refined i hope that fix up that as well!


Car thing, is also a great Desk thing, would be great to even just set the default device to play on. Doesn't need to be as complicated as picking what device to play on with spotify connect as prominent on the app. Just needs to be a setting on the app to set that it should default control this media player.

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Thanks for your comprehension!


Please see my idea here that relates to this, hope it gets some traction