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Hide button working across platforms

I'm sick and tired of re-hiding songs that play even though I've already hidden them. I get that hiding only works on one device but that's ridiculous. If I don't want to hear a song at home, why on earth would I want to listen to it on the web player on my work pc or in the car? I *love* re-blocking songs while I'm driving - totally safe, cool, and fun. I especially love the part where it'll play again when I'm home. And only hiding on the one playlist? Seriously? I *HATE* THE SONG. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT EVER AGAIN. I don't want to hear it and I shouldn't have to copy the entire playlist to remove the songs I don't like. Just make "hidden" work properly. It's unacceptable. Makes me want to cancel. How about a "Classic Hidden" and "Hidden Everywhere" toggle in settings? There. Boom. Do something. Please.


Same goes for artists. What's the point of the feature if it never works!? 


Make sure this can work for audiobooks and podcasts too. Tired of being suggested the same religious content every day.