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[Humane Ai Pin] Spotify Integration

Hey Spotify team, my name is Cam Pak. I come on behalf of the Humane Ai Pin community*. Spotify is one of, if not the, best music and podcast players around. Most of us in the community listen to Spotify on the daily and can't imagine life without it.


The company Humane recently released their first product into the world, the Ai Pin, a minimal, powerful AI device aimed at helping its users be more present and have a better relationship with technology, while being more connected with the people they know and love. While the device is great for taking photos, asking questions to AI, and engaging in phone calls, it lacks one important feature: Spotify.


Yes, they have an existing music integration. However, it's with Tidal. There is a growing number of Ai Pin users who have Spotify and use it daily on their computer and smartphones. We have seen 349 messages with the keyword "Spotify" in our Discord chat. 


With the ease and power of the Ai Pin paired with the ubiquitous love for Spotify, we'd like to formally request a Spotify integration with the Humane cosmos


The Ai Pin is built on a custom Android AOSP, for context. If you'd like to continue this conversation, please know that we are willing and eager to partner. 


*for added clarity, I am a user of the Ai Pin and not an employee of Humane. However, I have been given permission from Humane to reach out for a Spotify integration.

spotify & humane.png

Would love to see this integration happen. Here's proof of lots of requests regarding Spotify on the Humane public Discord chat.spotify.png