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I want a Karaoke feature please.

In addition to the Lyrics feature, please can you add a Karaoke feature which mutes the vocals so that we can sing along from the Spotify Desktop Lyrics screen as it highlights the text and scrolls down.


Also, it would be so cool if you can also allow us to mute or turn down the volume on selected instruments so that we can play our instruments too with guitars (rhythm & solo), keyboards, bass and drums...etc.


I'd like to have this new Karaoke feature available on Apple macOS Desktop and iPhone iOS please.


And can I have it yesterday please?!


The following article says you do have it, but that I don't currently have it because you are rolling it out to users in batches gradually.


I've already deleted and reinstalled Spotify on my Mac Mini (Late 2012) macOS Catalina v10.15.7 app, and on my iPhone 14 Pro iOS 16.7.2.


My Desktop Spotify is:

Spotify for macOS (Intel)


Downloading and reinstalling the macOS app did not change the version number.


When clicking What's New on my iPhone, it says "We don't have any updates for you yet".




Alwyn Teh

London, U.K.