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Introducing 'My Spotify Stats': A Feature for Real-Time Listening Insights

Hi everyone! 


As a devoted user of Spotify, I cherish the platform for its extensive music library and intuitive design. However, I believe there is an opportunity to enhance our experience further with the addition of an ongoing listening statistics feature.


Currently, the annual Spotify Wrapped is a highlight for many of us, providing a fun and engaging recap of our listening habits over the past year. While Wrapped is undoubtedly enjoyable, having access to more detailed and immediate statistics throughout the year could significantly enrich how we interact with music on Spotify.


Proposed Feature:
I suggest implementing a feature that provides real-time insights into our listening habits. This could be in the form of a detailed analytics dashboard available to users, offering information on most listened genres, artists, and tracks on a monthly or even weekly basis. This would not only allow us to understand our musical preferences better but also help us discover new music that aligns with our tastes as they evolve.


- Enhanced User Engagement: Regular updates on our listening habits can keep us more engaged and make the listening experience more interactive.
- Personalized Music Discovery: With better insight into our music preferences, Spotify can tailor recommendations more accurately, enhancing music discovery.
- User Satisfaction: This feature would add a layer of personalization and control, likely increasing overall user satisfaction.


Here's what this might look like in the app:

Imagine a new tab within the Spotify app named "My Spotify Stats". This tab could be placed next to "Home" and "Search" in the navigation bar. Upon clicking the tab, you'd see a dashboard-style interface:


Overview Section: A summary of your listening statistics, including top artists, genres, and tracks over various timeframes (week, month, year).

Detailed Stats: Interactive graphs showing trends in your listening habits, like changes in genre preference or listening time.

Custom Filters: Options to filter data by date range, artist, or genre to explore your listening habits more deeply.

Recommendations: Based on your stats, a section could offer personalized music suggestions.


This design would allow users to engage more deeply with their music preferences and discover new music aligned with their evolving tastes. See some AI generated images of how this could look like attached! 


I believe a feature like this would not only improve our engagement but also provide Spotify with additional data to refine recommendations and improve user experiences. What does everyone think? If you like this idea, please vote and comment!


Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing what new innovations Spotify will introduce next!


Best regards,

Cyandroid2.0 (Sven) 


A well-written post that clearly demonstrates a thoroughly thought-out idea. This would be a nice addition to Spotify. 


For those who want to track their stats whenever you want, I recommend as a good alternative until Spotify adds this feature.


Alternative page for stats is listenbrainz. 

Backed by the metadata of the musicbrainz db which is brought together as a collaborative effort of the community 🙂 

It can also be connected with other services and plugins. 

I use mine with the Jellyfin plugin and the Spotify API.


Add more features like

 daily weekly monthly yearly stats for both minutes and streams