[LightOS] Support Lightphone 2

I've been using Spotify for years and I recently have moved to a more minimalist type of "smart" phone called LightPhone 2. I just wish there was a way to download spotify music and podcasts to my phone. 

Updated on 2020-04-28

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I have the Light Phone and have been a long-time Spotify user and this would be great. Getting music on the Light phone is very hard and putting Spotify as an optional toolbox item would be awesome. Please, please do this.


i hope ppl that already commented see this too but on youtube, Jose Briones and Dylan Tingley have videos where they tell us step by step on how to put ur lightphone into android mode then download spotify and then make a key binding to stay on the lightOS for the light phone. so basically u can change the volume buttons for if u click up then down you can open spotify. it's definitely good to check out if you don't want to wait for a collab!


It doesn’t let me vote I’ve tried several times and when I log in it keeps saying 270 votes and it’s greyed out but I would love this to happen as well, I’m trying to downgrade but I really would like to have my music with me


Adding my name to the list!! The only thing keeping me from getting the light phone is Spotify. 


Hear hear, Spotify should definitely do something with the LightOs!

It surely would make me use Spotify more!


Hi Spotify,


Please add support for the Light Phone OS. This would be a strategic move for you to keep your subscribers who are making the jump to light phone. 




Please add this feature!!

Casual Listener

even just media device playback control (connect) would be great 


Count me in on this movement! Spotify is clutch and I would use it forever, but the Light Phone is the future and I would love to have Spotify enable it. 


Please make this happen! Directions and music are basically the only reasons I don't have the light phone already