[Linux] Official Spotify App for Linux

It's about time Spotify releases an official app for LInux/Ubuntu now and not just "preview", I can see that there are other people also complaining about the same so they should be aware of it. I've contacted Spotify support 3-4 times lately regarding the same issue but last time I got this reply from them "If you want us to make an Ubuntu version a priority The best way to help us with your feedback is to post your ideas or vote for existing ones on our Idea Exchange: http://bit.ly/15Qxpz9"

So there you go, I've made the suggestion. Please vote for my suggestion and let's hope we can be heard this time :-)

Updated: 2015-09-07


Hey folks, we don't have plans to implement an official app for Linux/Ubuntu at the moment. If we have any news surrounding this we will definitely post here first. Thanks!

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You are acting quite entitled. Adding support for new OS costs money, and there needs to be enough users to justify that cost.

Based on the fact that development of the app is slow/stopped, the userbase is not there.

BTW: The preview is made by Spotify so it is official.


Having the app available in the Ubuntu Software Center would be great as well. It shouldn't take too much extra effort, since there's already a software repo set up.

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 Also Debian (stable version, currently Wheezy)


And do like Google Chrome, include RPM and DEB (and why not also a tar.gz version, for other Linux systems?). Thanks a lot.

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can i actually slightly vote against this,  i wouldn't really mind of they somehow pushed more for libspotify and les for individual  clients.. 

if libspotify became widely availible than all users  freebsd  osx linux and embbeded devices with linux or for example webos...  could all build thair own... 


no more  qt4 / qt5 versus  glade,   gtk2 or 3 or  xul  or any other ..   just intergrated it in your music app, your xmbc or   or the rom of your mediaplayer device.  


The only thing keeping me from subscribing to a premium spotify account is the lack of official Linux support and the unstability of the unofficial Ubuntu app.


The second Spotify gets decent Ubuntu support I'll put my money where my mouth is and subscribe to a premium account.


I would also buy premium if I could be first class citizen in Spotify, while running Ubuntu.


I bought premium Spotify to use it on Android and Linux (Ubuntu & Mint). I would appreciate official support for a Linux client, but my main input is that if I am ever not able to find a Linux client: official, preview, libre, or otherwise, I will no longer pay for Spotify.


I would also buy premium if I knew it would work on Linux. I use both Ubuntu and Mint. I'm phasing out Windows completely, it's useless for me (I do web dev) and I'll miss Spotify a lot.