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Make audiobook listening time easier to find

Almost seems like Spotify doesn't want listeners to track how much audiobook listening time has elapsed... There should be a straightforward way to quickly see how much time you have left in your included audiobook listening hours. It's a needless little annoyance to have to tap through multiple links in the mobile app (if you can remember where to look in the first place) just to keep track of how much time I have left. Just now I couldn't find it, again, and had to go to support to find where it might be. A few different search terms pulled up nothing about audiobook listening time, and I had to dig around a bit to find the relevant article. Which is why it sure feels like Spotify doesn't want us to easily track the elapsed time...


I feel like they do this on purpose so we buy a "top off" 
Seems a little scammy to me... 😞 


I briefly had a button that did this! If you click my profile you can see the post I made about it a while back.

As you can see if you look in that post, I happened to receive that update while they were testing the feature. 

It was really helpful, and I hope they re-implement it as I am having the same annoyances as you.