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Make lyrics available for free users (non-premium)

Spotify and its new premium lyrics scheme.

Why should Spotify lyrics be free?
See, lyrics are a core part of every single song. Making them premium only for the sole reason to make users pay for Spotify seems a bit much, no? Users of Spotify understand that you may want to push us to pay for premium but if you were to carry on with this then every feature would end up being a premium only option. I ask kindly that you consider my points and make lyrics available for all users, free and premium.

     -Points to consider-

  1. Better Vibes for All: Lyrics should be free for everyone on Spotify, not just premium users. It's all about enhancing the music journey for everyone! (this can be pull for non Spotify users)

  2. Stay Ahead of the Game: Other platforms are offering lyrics for free, and this may become a push away for us Spotify users, right?.

  3. Show friends the features: Sharing lyrics gets people talking and can help non Spotify users to consider using this wonderful music app and maybe then they might actually pay for Premium.

  4. It isn't reasonable: Lyrics help Spotify and their users, there are millions of users who would appreciate the return of lyrics. There are conversations talking about how it isn't completely reasonable to suddenly make lyrics premium only, right?

  5. Other points: Song owners dont make their lyrics pay only, so why should Spotify? Pay. Hear me out with this one, many users of Spotify just cant afford to buy premium and now that a core feature of Spotify is gone users may leave too..
    All in all, I ask kindly that Spotify considers my points and maybe we can bring back lyrics for all users including those who cant pay for premium, Thank you very much for allowing this Idea to reach Spotify's amazing community and Team 🤍



i agree also a point to add is the fact that if people cant access lyrics they will start to use google to find lyrics which will eventually lead spotify to lose listeners causing spotify to lose revenue which will cause spotify to have to lower paying rates to producers causing some of them to stop posting their songs on spotify causing there to be less listeners causing the cycle to repeat over and over again causing the possible eventual downfall of spotify.


Absolutely, lyrics ate also a feature necessary for those who are hard of hearing and have ADHD and are slow.


I often add lyrics to Musixmatch by ear. It's totally unfair to have to pay to see the lyrics that I submitted and transcribed painstakingly, word by word. This situation is frustrating, please bring back the lyrics.






I get that paying for a premium subscription will allow me to listen to music without ads and to skip more than 6 songs but lyrics? Nope, give back free lyrics


honestly, **bleep** Spotify for this! I can understand they need to make money, and they do, many people I know have given in to the annoyance  of ads and inability to skip songs - buying premium. 
I'm half deaf & have ADHD. I often need lyrics to listen to the music I love so much.
I was actually considering using Spotify when I release my own music. Maybe not though, this sucks. I wouldn't want people to need to PAY to read the lyrics of any of my songs.  


I totally agree. So that's why the lyrics are not for free users. Although, I enjoyed them very much it still isn't going to make me pay for the premium channel which the price is outrageous, just to get the lyrics.


Goodbye Spotify!



Sorry to hear your position. But YT offers it and paid subscription. They
must be doing something right.