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Make switching playlists easier

Whenever wanting to change the playlist, it abruptly changes the song that's currently playing. Meaning, if I want to finish a song, but change playlists, I have to wait for the song to be over and then switch playlists.


However, I think it would be great to be able to choose a time to switch playlists. For example by adding a context button ("Start playlist after current song")

Thank you!


This would actually be incredibly useful, if it could also include "play album after current song" or "play artist after current song". 

Arguably, a "add album to queue" button would be nice but if you want to play another album on shuffle after the song you're listening to, or you want that album to then repeat, that doesn't work. So I think the original suggestion of "start playing this as you would normally function just so so after this current song has finished" option for all play methods would be ideal. 


Just to emphasize the usefulness of this feature, here's my current work-around this problem:

1. queue the current song to the queue

2. queue the first song from the next "context" (playlist / album / artist)

3. click Play on the next "context"

4. skip the first song entirely to play the song added in step 1

5. skip the timestamp to roughly where I had left it

(6.) continue listening as usual


So this requires 5 steps that could be easily condensed into 1. 


One solution is to use 'Add To Queue'. If you queue up the first track of the playlist you want to go to. You would then have to press play on the second song as the first ends.