[Messages] Ability to Unblock

In the new Messages tab (in v0.9.8+ which has rolled out to some users, if you don't have it yet it should make it out to you sometime in the future) it is possible to block people from sending you messages. When you block someone you get a confirmation window warning blocking can not be undone:



I do not find this a satisfactory solution, just like with Facebook I would like the ability to block and unblock people as I like. Just like relationships between people, blocking should not be a permanent undoable thing.


Thanks for your feedback around the Messaging feature. Right now this isn't our pipeline but we'd like you to continue giving your comments/ kudos here. If this changes or we have any more news we'll post again here. 

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I don't really block anyone, but this suggestion seems like clear logic to me. I wonder why they won't let people unblock already.

The reason i think they did that was that they may think that the Users are being blocked for only ONE reason, and that is probably that: the users who blocks don't want to have anything with the user to do 

(sowhatimeanhereisyoudon'twanttogetanymessagesor songsorwantthemtoseewhatyouarelisteningto, oryoudon'twanttoseewhat the person islisteningto... Butifyoudon'twanttopublishwhatyouarelisteningto, youcanjustgotosettingsanddisabletheoptionswitchsays: "Sharemyactivityandwhatilistentowithmyfollowerson Spotify" UnderthePrivacytab, or justactivatethePrivateSessionbyeitherpressyourUsernameandpressprivatesessionorgotofileandactivateitfromthere, youprobablyknowthebothwaysanywaybutjustincaseyoudidnot.)

Justwaitforannewupdateandseeiftheystillhaveitlikethat, andiftheyhaveitlikethat, youjusthavetogetabitusedtoit, andjustletitpassfornow...  Anyway, ifyouseethisasabug, youcanalwaysreportitinntospotify, andtheywillfixit;-)

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This is definitely a necessity. The inability to remove people from block lists is just poor design. There are going to be times when people block someone for one reason or another (relationship nonsense, social media blackout, etc.), and I can't imagine it being hard to implement something like this, considering that it's available in just about any other piece of software and/or website that supports blocking in the first place.


i remove (blocked) a friend in spotify thinking in that i could storage his messages for ever.


I lost all his previous messages and i would like to recover it. It is possible?? Sorry for my english.

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Hey spotfy i think this is something you have to change, just like the people have mentioned  its necesarry whats the reason we cant unblock the person.


Pleas help us with this feature


I am confused as to why this wasn't an included option when blocking was first introduced. It seems like something like that would be common sense...I broke up with someone a while back, and we cut off ties for a bit. During that time, I blocked him on Spotify. Now we're starting to build a friendship again, and I realized that I can't unblock him!! Please fix this!


This is such a no brainer idea! If we can recover deleted playlists, why can't we recover/unblock people? It should definitely be like Facebook's block/unblock feature! 


Agreed. How shortsighted does one have to be to not implement an undo function for something as simple as blocking?


Agreed- I'd like to add my voice to this string.