[Mobile] Add / Delete multiple Songs at once

I would like to have a checkbox system for adding/deleting multiple songs at once. It is very time consuming to do them individually.

Updated on 2018-09-17

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I agree!


This has been a request on here since 2014 for the love of Pete. If it's a "Good Idea", why has nothing come of it in 7 years?

I detest when companies don't listen to their customers. Multiple selection exists on every platform but mobile/android/chrome. Why? It almost seems like it would be harder to NOT have it as an option.



I assume this also includes being able to select multiple song to add them in a playlist and whatnot, like you are able to on pc.


This request has existed since 2014!!! Come on, it is not that hard to implement on iPadOS. 


The lack of this "feature" (I wouldn't even call it a "feature", because it's such a basic function) can only be compared to like having a great car with the window regulators buttons swapped, so every time you want to sink or lift your driver window, you had to lean over to the right door window button:

- honestly, you couldn't say you can't use your car,

- but it would be very very annoying,

- it could be easily solved by switching the electric connections of the buttons, yet your car electrician wouldn't want to repair it,

- so after some time (some years...), you would consider selling your car, no matter how much you otherwise like it, and buy another one...


Am I the only one having an issue creating playlists? After I add a song to a playlist it immediately sends me back to the search screen. It would be so much better if I could add a song and stay on that album and have the option to go back to the search screen on my own without being forced to by the app. So if I want to add 8 tracks from the same album I’m forced to add a song then go back to the search screen and search the artist again then scroll to the album and then to the next song. Why can’t I just add the songs I want from the same album without leaving the album and artist completely? This is ridiculous and obviously should have been addressed from the beginning. I just want to add the songs I want from an album and have the option to go back to that artists albums to add more songs and then back to the search screen when I want to add songs from another artist. 


Dear god, when is this going to be implemented?!?!? In the year 2021, this is basic friggin functionality!!!! Its bad enough that this can't even be done in the web player and that the user experience across the 3 different interfaces is completely different.


Devs please, make this happen!


Hey, could you please introduce the Feature, that its possible to select more Tracks, for creating Playlists more faster. Otherwise i allways must choose the Track, thank add to playlist and this with every track, takes a lot of time. Thank you 


Not Understanding why this BASIC function is missing,  and spotify thinks they can dupe users into believing this is a special feature that needs to be voted on to be implemented? Unbelievable to me, most users are never going to go to this BS community to "VOTE"  just anything as they don't even know what exists and they can't be bothere running around in the circles created under your fake customer service idea