[Mobile] Add / Delete multiple Songs at once

I would like to have a checkbox system for adding/deleting multiple songs at once. It is very time consuming to do them individually.

Updated on 2018-09-17

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Definitely the biggest flaw on the mobile app. Not everyone has a PC or access to one when you need it. Seems like a no brainer to add this feature. Please Spotty Devs?


Sometimes people ask me can you send me your playlist but i cant because i have all my songs in likes songs and i would like to move them all to a playlist easily so it can be public and i cannot do that because i have 3000+ songs

I have different genres and languages in my liked songs and i would like to seperate them in to different playlists by selecting them instead of adding a song individually.


There's 19 pages of comments by the time I'm posting this so idk if someone already made this comment because I'm not gonna scroll through all these pages. However, I feel like this potential update shouldn't be marked for mobile but instead for all platforms because it's an amazing idea and shouldn't be confined to just mobile. 🙂


**bleep** yeah we need that ! It's so time consuming when I want to add several liked songs to one of my playlists ! 


HOW is this still not implemented? its been 7 years since this post was made and people still like and comment on this idea... 7 years..


I would like to be able to edit playlist items in bulk rather than one at a time. For example, in the Your Episodes playlist, if it won't auto-delete played episodes then I should be able to select many episodes and select remove selected items from playlists. I would also be able to select multiple songs in one playlist to add to another playlist, rather than doing it one song at a time. On desktop I can do this with songs but I cannot do this in the your episodes playlist. On iOs mobile I cannot do it with anything. 


Hey guys,


I wonder how it's not available for any Android and I guess Apple users aswell, to choose and mark more than a single song at the same time!

I bet everyone knows this feeling, when you are in a specific mood and you saved a couple of very similar nice tracks in your library. After a few days your mood changes and you think about creating a cool new playlist, adding some songs you already know aaand- you gotta mark one song, add it to the playlist, search another and do the same over and over again...it would be timesaving as **bleep**, if you could just search all your songs which circulate in your head, mark them and add them to your playlist you want to create - all in one step


Can you make it so I can have an album or playlist open hold down on a track to make it go into a mode where I can select multiple tracks to add to one of my playlists, same to remove multiple tracks or transfer to another playlist or a new playlist, this would make it easier to edit and adjust individuals playslists and save time. Thanks 


I need in my cellphone, to select more than 1 song, in order to make then a decision of what to do with them (for example, to add them to a playlist).

It's only 1 issue, the impossibility to select more than 1 song at a time... 

MOBILE VERSION!! (without keyboard) NOT DESKTOP ONE!!.



Add the ability to move several tracks at once to another playlist.