[Mobile] 'All Offline Tracks' in Main Menu

It would be really easy and smart to have a single option in the main Mobile menu that says "All Downloads," and to allow users to filter this list by album, artist, label, compilation or playlist. 


So much easier than the current method of having to find downloads via routes you already created. More importantly, your current avenues for seeing what has been downloaded does not always reveal all downloaded content -- even if it has been downloaded and marked "available offline."

Updated on 2017-11-01

Casual Listener

I'm still wondering. This topic is nearly two to three years old (depends on the last comment update), but this suggested feature is still not a part of Spotify. Why? I can't image, there are more people requesting a Nintendo Switch support than this. In comparison with competitors like Tidal, Deezer or Apple Music - this is a standard feature there and simplifies the handling in CarPlay heavily while you are driving.

Casual Listener

at least it's sort of possible for all offline playlists, artists, or albums now at those levels of scoping

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not for songs across the board I guess still is something

Casual Listener

I'd agree but this function doesn't work very well (example Screenshot, german version). First, it seems the albums are not downloaded, but they will be shown as offline content. This caused of one single song in each album without the green mark. Sorry but this is useless. I can't go through this tiny filter menu while I am driving (with or without using CarPlay). An app needs to be simple and easy to handle and this filter function doesn't fit to my expectations. Example: set on checkbox under Playlist, Albums, Artist with "Show offline content only" and as filter you can setup the detail level (only complete albums, Playlists etc.)




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Recomendo colocar somente um ícone .