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[Mobile] Bring back Thumbs up/down in radio

Spotify took away the thumbs up and down options on radio stations. Does that make you as mad as I am. I spent dozen of hours optimizing all my radio stations and now they are useless as Spotify basically plays whatever they want to play on them. It's become just like one of their own playlist. Gone all my beautiful radio stations. 


I chatted with customer support and here is what they said:

"Sorry to hear you're missing your thumbs up and down Radio, and I can see backstage this is due to the recent Spotify update. We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall."


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Updated on 2021-06-28

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange!


We looked into this further and agreed that this feedback is valuable. Furthermore, the Idea has gathered the necessary amount of votes and should now be reaching the internal teams at Spotify.


We'll keep monitoring and checking out the comments here, too. As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


This is also with android. 

They changed it from radio to radio playlists. I like customization of the prior radio set up. Bring it back


It's like they are actively trying to make their app worse, and they know no one can do anything about it because they believe they have a monopoly on music.


Yea, this drives me crazy. That was one of my favorite features and one of the main reasons I decided to subscribe to spotify over other music apps. 


Agreed!!! This new update has me very close to dumping spotify. Why can’t they simply keep the functionality that providers like Pandora have had for a decade? The idea that a song, or artist radio is now a curated playlist is infuriating. 


Same here. Frustrated to a point that I'm about to quit my subscription. This was my 1st used feature and now all the radio stations that I had tailored exactly to my liking are gone. I am utterly disappointed and if things aren't gonna change before next billing I'm going to take my money elsewhere. This is just beond my understanding whoever thought that this was a good idea??? I've been a subscriber for many years and I feel like the voting system was polished almost to perfection. This feature has been a working tool for me, since I am an illustrator and I've used radios based on playlists as an inspirational tool. Because of my long history with Spotify I feel extreamly bitter that the software that I absolutely adored as a creational tool has come to this. 


I don't know what happened but the feature is back after reinstalling the software on my android the least. In case this'd be here to stay I'd be SO HAPPY.


That was such a great feature. I hope it comes back soon.


What in the name of God are Spotify doing? First they **bleep** up the whole Library feature, then they **bleep** up the Now Playing screen, and now this. It's such a shame as the 'new' update (although it has been a few months now since this mess started) could have brought a much needed aesthetic upgrade to the app. But no, they decided to remove half the app's features along with it. It still doesn't even have a uniform design across Free and Premium! Honestly, what are they thinking.


As I understand it this feature was removed in order to make the radio stations downloadable. Why? A radio station can be created using a single song. While this can be a good start, it's hardly complete. There's not enough data! That data comes from user input approving or vetoing songs! Instead, there should just be an option to convert a radio station into a permanent playlist! Then we can fine-tune the auto radio algorithm to choose the songs we're actually looking for instead of the essentially random pile of loosely associated noise that gets picked otherwise, and once we're happy we can save that radio and download it later for offline listening.


Seriously - I joined Spotify to experience new music. Initially, I could listen to genre-oriented playlists for hours, and I'd hear maybe 20% familiar songs. Now, I hear about 80% familiar song (i.e., songs I'd previously liked/downloaded on Spotifu). I think this might be because the algorithm is kind of dumb. If I do "heart" a song, it puts it in my library, but I can't thumbs-down a song I really don't like, *AND* most irritating, there's no way to communicate to the algorithm gods something like, Hey, I liked Bon Iver Songs a few weeks ago, but DANG, please don't keep throwing them back at me, because I *don't* want to have to find a way to tell Spotify to stop playing Bon Iver altogether. I just want to hear him from time to time. It's as though the algorithm thinks in terms of all or nothing. And then, when I create a radio station around a certain new song I hear, suprisingly, a bunch of other songs I've liked show up there, too, and it makes me feel like I'm listening to a commercial radio station, rather than a site that's trying to introduce me to new stuff on a regular basis. Maybe the algorithm just needs to be more intelligent/responsive.  I wish I understood better how these things work - but from looking on-line, it seems like this is a MAJOR frustration from users. So, the signal is at least clear. But is it being received?