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[Mobile] Bring back Thumbs up/down in radio

Spotify took away the thumbs up and down options on radio stations. Does that make you as mad as I am. I spent dozen of hours optimizing all my radio stations and now they are useless as Spotify basically plays whatever they want to play on them. It's become just like one of their own playlist. Gone all my beautiful radio stations. 


I chatted with customer support and here is what they said:

"Sorry to hear you're missing your thumbs up and down Radio, and I can see backstage this is due to the recent Spotify update. We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall."


If you are dissatisfied, help get this feature back by liking this post. 





Updated on 2021-06-28

Hey everyone,


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange!


We looked into this further and agreed that this feedback is valuable. Furthermore, the Idea has gathered the necessary amount of votes and should now be reaching the internal teams at Spotify.


We'll keep monitoring and checking out the comments here, too. As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


Let's make radio great again


OK, the thumbs up and thumbs down feature has been removed on my spotify stations for the last two weeks. Goodbye folks. That's it. I'm cancelling my subscription to Spotify. 

It was nice while it lasted. 



Whoah what a seriously stupid idea. Removing the voting on each song?


I just subbed this month.. but I'm going back to Google Play if i can't vote on my own music! wth.


Just adding that they are also missing in the desktop app OSX, Spotify v. In autogen and usergen radio stations.

I enjoyed using them, but never really got the perfect radio station and I tended to cycle different radio stations or make a new one to see if algo would produce something interesting.


Can confirm that playlist radio still has the thumbs. Seems random. This could incur insecurities about the value of the effort the users put into refining (playlist) radio stations. But I guess it is a global insecurity with a ever-experimenting software dev process. We must trust in Ideas Exchange to provide a voise to the thumbing-happy users ; )


Already upvoted, but just commenting to voice my support for this. Aside from the library itself, the old Radio function is the best feature of the app. Please bring back thumbs up/thumbs down. 


My desktop version still has the thumbs buttons, but the app on my phone does not. Perhaps my desktop version needs to update?


Anyway, if they do bring it back, they should also allow us to unclick a thumbs up or down in the event we like a song at first and then realize it sucks. But that's another topic...


Take away the up and down votes for radio.  Move the repeat button.  What the heck!!!  Are they intentionally trying to make the program harder to use?! 😞


Totally agree! the new "radio" stations (playlists) are TERRIBLE. I often turn them off with disgust now. Just waiting a little longer to see if Spotify returns the like/dislke before I let go of my family premium plan and hop on over to Apple Music where the like/dislke function is still enabled on their radio... Sheesh, Spotify! way to completely **bleep** off loyal paying customers!


Seriously, this was my #1 used feature — music tailored to my tastes. This is backwards!