[Mobile] Bring back Thumbs up/down in radio

Spotify took away the thumbs up and down options on radio stations. Does that make you as mad as I am. I spent dozen of hours optimizing all my radio stations and now they are useless as Spotify basically plays whatever they want to play on them. It's become just like one of their own playlist. Gone all my beautiful radio stations. 


I chatted with customer support and here is what they said:

"Sorry to hear you're missing your thumbs up and down Radio, and I can see backstage this is due to the recent Spotify update. We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall."


If you are dissatisfied, help get this feature back by liking this post. 





Updated on 2019-02-12

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

Marked as new idea 🙂

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Music Fan

How dare you Spotify close this thread: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/All-Platforms-Radio-Bring-Back-Personalized-Radio-Stat...
that was thoroughly documented and explained exactly how you ignore these requests by deleting duplicates, and then saying there weren't enough votes.
You hate your own community, and we hate you back.


Removing this was some of the stupidest**bleep** I've ever seen a MUSIC based company do.


Genuine CURATION was Spotify's largest draw, by far. Certainly so for the users that actually put in the time and effort to tweak each of these stations into a living, unique compilation that continued to evolve.


Instead the limitless nature of the curated stations is replaced by a handful of **bleep**ing 50 songs, with the bulk missing the mark and no way to actually IMPROVE the **bleep** things.


You went from basically a crate divers dream to the same shitshow iTunes was.



Casual Listener

I feel the frustration. I had spent months customizing some of my radio stations to feed back good music, and now all of that is gone. I've tried moving on to the daily mixes as a substitute, but that's become just two or three new-ish songs mixed with the same old songs on repeat every day.

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This feature needs to be implemented on both the Phone and PC APP. Daily playlist only have this on the phone and its very frustrating/ doesn't seem to work half the time. 

Casual Listener

I came back to spotify because of this and I can not find it anymore??? I am sooo mad for this... this is horrible!!! I want that thumbs up on radio back!!