[Mobile] Bring back the ability to view albums for free users

Recently, Spotify took away the ability for free users to see what songs are in an album or by a particular artist.


Before, free users were able to select an album, press “preview” or “and more”, and see a list of all the songs in the album, each with a short audio demo. This made it much easier to discover new artists, and created a much more convenient user experience.


The only way to hear samples of songs now is to listen through Spotify-made playlists. Unfortunately lots of smaller artists don't feature on many of these playlists making it very difficult to sample/discover their music. 


Obviously, I understand that as a free user there are compromises that need to be made by users like listening to ads, only being able to shuffle and not being able to listen to specific songs, but removing the ability to see what songs I'm shuffling is silly; so silly in fact that many users thought it was a glitch in the app at first. 


It's clear that this is an attempt to force more free users into going premium but some users simply can't afford it, so this is an unnecessary punishment. Many users, including myself, will be looking for alternative music services if this change isn't reversed. 





Updated on 2021-06-15

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I mean, we're already bombarded with ads, and now they take away this feature. come on, Spotify.  Taking this feature away makes me NOT wanna have Spotify, and I don't know other streaming services similar to this. No matter what you do, I will not spend $10 a month on music. I prefer the free version over the premium. Please don't abandon your free users. 


I used to think this was a glitch until seeing these. I literally had tried deleting and redownloading the app a few months ago to try to fix it. I really hope since it’s past the amount for it to be a top idea that they fix this. It’s so unfair to us free users. We can’t see what songs are in artists albums or the songs that they have written from their profile.


This truly makes me not want to use Spotify anymore. I’m the type of person who creates playlists for every mood I’m in or every emotion I’m feeling. Removing this feature has made it almost impossible. It breaks my heart because I’ve been a Spotify user for so many years now, but until they bring it back I’ll be trying different places to create playlists. Sorry Spotify, but you’ve disappointed me. 


I agree. This new change is so stupid. It makes finding music very hard and complicated. I hate this change and I know I’m not alone. This needs to be fixed and changed back so we can actually find people and songs and create playlists. 


This change makes the app almost unusable. I can’t see songs to add them to playlists, and many smaller artists don’t make it into prexisting playlists. This was a bad call


Its been nearly half of the year and spotify hasn't bothered to fix the issue they rather annoy us with premium in their ads. They better put this option back before the end of the year or else boycott this app


If this feature is not restored to its previous use, I will not be renewing my premium subscription. Simple as that. This is blatant manipulation in order to make an extra couple of bucks. There are plenty of other services that I can use that at least offer the ability to see what tracks are on a given album. Someone at Spotify needs to have their head examined for this horrible idea.


Bring the feature back for mobile devices. I use to be able to pick specific songs from an album I liked but noooo, Spotify had to do this dumb decision. I don’t care how much ads you throw at me, but you should at least give us the ability to let us see the songs of artists we want to listen to. 


As a long time user of Spotify, I was really disappointed on seeing this happen. Not being able to open albums of artists is really frustrating especially since I have a hard time remembering songs but knowing what their album covers look like. I was thinking of getting premium as a treat for Christmas but I don’t know if I will anymore. I just don’t want to support a company that doesn’t care about its user base.


Yes I thought I was crazy at first! This is irritating asf. 

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