[Mobile] Create & manage Playlist Folders

It would be nice to be able to better organize playlists in folders on the mobile apps.  Or at the very least, specify which folder a playlist should go in when it is first created.  Right now, in iOS, any playlists that I create are just added to the main list, without giving the option to put them in a folder, and it is not possible to move playlists to/from folders.  I'm assuming this will be the same on Android when it is implemented.

Updated on 2017-09-07

Hey @tjb we're back to give this idea another update. We've chased up this idea with the folks behind Playlist Folders and we currently don't have a plan for letting you drop a newly created playlist into a folder once it's created on mobile. However please rest assured we've passed this feedback on to the playlist teams again and they'll continue to get updates on your comments. If there's any news on this we'll post it here first, thanks!

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Strange why this Idea have not more then 127 Kudos..


For me this is a Key Feature to organice my Music.

Just one Level with all the Playlists makes no sence.

So we have to use the Windows App for this...

It would be really grate to avoid this step and organice the Playlist of the most often used device directly: on Android Tablets and Smartphones :-)


Thanks :-)

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I couldn't agree more. It' sin conceivable why sorting options aren't already implemented and will be a major factor in whether I continue to subscribe. 


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Status changed to: Not Right Now


Although it could be useful, we're currently not exploring this option. For all your folder organising needs you'll need to use the desktop just a bit longer.




I love spotify. My number 1 app. Never thought about moving away. ever.


My whole spotify world relies on this : listening to a radio then wow a great song, look for the latest album of the artist, "add to" -> browsing to corresponding subfolder (/ rock / 90's , / jazz / '00s, whatever) -> create a new playlist -> add the album to the new playlist . I may need every now and then to add the album to an existing playlist.


I love my folders, i know them like the back of my hand and I never want to go back to having a massive itunes managed mp3 library anymore.


Though, 2 events broke my heart :

- you discontinued the desktop app

- bought a nexus 5 -> tried the android app, no option to get organised apart from some pointless sorting options (It's like sorting chapters in a film!! you serious?)


Breaking this experience makes it such a pain. At least I had the desktop app to "clean it up" from time to time.


PLEASE, PLEASE : get the ios and android apps folder / playlist organisation on board.

And I mean everything, not a downgraded version of it:

- creating / updating / deleting / moving a folder

- adding albums to a playlist (new one or not)

- move playlist to a folders or subfolder



How am I gonna sync my local music now ?? There are loads of tunes you haven't got plus I have my own recording of my band or personal recordings... etc. This means I'll have to go back to bloody itunes syncing and have a disrupted experience. This is a right pain.


PLEASE do something, this is a very basic feature that was available from day 1 (almost)


wtf thats really basic **bleep**! i think about to stop paying premium... :(

I pay premium to listen spotify on my car, and i need organise folder on my car!!!


"Although it could be useful, we're currently not exploring this option. For all your folder organising needs you'll need to use the desktop just a bit longer."


You're certainly not getting my £10 a month until this is fully implemented. My favoured desktop is a chrome box. I'm not booting up my old dell just to manage playlists. 


Maybe I just need to check out google's music service. This is a simple idea and shouldn't take long to implement. It is a major pain for me to have to go to my computer to manage my playlists. 


This is really dissappointing, and it should be a priority for Spotify devs.


For those of us with no access to a desktop Spotify program, think about how frustrating it is, please.


I'm using a Chromebook, so I have to use the Spotify web app -- which also doesn't have the capability to create playlist group folders. It's almost a dealbreaker. 


Please add a comment (and a kudo to the idea) if you agree. 

I've been a Premium user of Spotify since it came out in the US, and I just noticed that I can't organize my playlists on my iPhone. It's just asinine to me that the renaming and organization of playlists on mobile devices isn't a priority right now.