[Mobile] Delete songs from playlists with a Swipe

It should be possible to delete songs from a playlist with just a swipe like with E-Mails in iOS Stock Mail Client or in Apple Music playlists without clicking the edit button first. 

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(This is a repost of this inactive idea)

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Marked as a new idea :) 

(This is a repost of this inactive idea)


This should be a basic functionality that is STANDARD in most apps these days ! Ridicolous that we have to get votes to get Spotify to do that. This is a reason for me to start checking out other streaming services ! 

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I am unable to search within a playlist and then delete songs. If you can search within the playlist and swipe to delete it would make editing large playlists so much easier. 

This is an issue for me because when I hear a new song that I like, I tend to listen to some of the album, but not all, but I add the entire album to a specific playlist anyways, instead of doing it for each individual song. Sometimes, there are songs on a given album that I just don't like once I listen to them, or simply no longer care for.
Up until recently (possibly an update??), while playing through a playlist, if there was a song I no longer wanted in my playlist I would have to go to the playlist, select Edit, then scroll through the entire playlist until I found the song, highlighted in Green, and remove it. At least doing this, the song that was playing, which I wanted to remove, stood out as I scrolled through the list. The other good thing about this, was that the bar at the bottom showing the song I was playing would still be there, so I could just go back to the playing song, and go to the next song. If I needed to do it again, the list would still be in Edit mode.
Now, I do the same thing, however the song isn't even highlighted for it to stand out, I have to make sure I know the song title in order to delete the right song, since there inst an undo delete option if I delete the wrong one. If not an undo function, an "are you sure....." pop-up to confirm. Also, contrary to the above, you can't leave the playlist in Edit mode - you remove the song, and you're done - just to do it all over again the next time you need to.
In either options, you can't even Search the playlist for a specific Artist or even the song name in order to delete it in Edit mode and the only way the Edit function is available is when you see the ENTIRE, unfiltered playlist, forcing you to scroll through the entire list to find that 1 song.
There would be a far easier method in doing this.  
When you have the "playing from playlist" window open, that shows the album/song cover, time, play, forward and back, etc., the little "..." beside the song name gives you ALL KINDS of options. Off all those options, there isn't a "remove from current playlist" option. That seems ridiculous to me that this isn't an option. I would imagine this would be a pretty straight forward solution.
When you have a playlist of 1000 or more songs, this would make it so much easier to edit the songs within.
Please consider, since now whatever was recently changed has made it more difficult to do something I do almost daily.

The voting rule is not clear at all, nobody wants to go through a lot of trouble to delete one song from a long playlist.

What is it with this support thing that you start posting links to “similar” ideas that in the end have nothing to do with the latest update.

I didn't like the process of deleting a song from my iPhone before, but now it is IMPOSSIBLE to delete a song from a long playlist.

Add a search option when editing a playlist on the phone or at least take it back to highlighting the song that is playing so it can still be fairly easy to find.

Otherwise, this would no longer be a mobile friendly app.