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Downloading songs on Premium for me at least was very annoying. To be able to download songs, the Spotify app had to 1. Be open, and 2. Be awake. It should be able to download songs in the background and while the phone is asleep. This would make it easier to download playlists and songs to listen to them offline.

Updated on 2018-11-25

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Great Idea!  Please consider for Android users too!


I contacted the Spotify-"Help"-Teeam for three times. First they said that I have to reset and reinstall my Spotify App. Before that I already did a reset of my whole phone ^^ but expectedly without success. 

In my second Mail I described the download-problem  in any detail that came in my mind and the other "supporter" told me, that its NOT POSSIBLE to download music in the background, the iPhone/iPad should be left active.

I can't understand, that this should not be possible. In other Apps like Netflix it is possible to download data (movies) in the background and when the phone is asleep... hope they'll fix this, because it's so annoying and it kills my battery...

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Updated on 2018-11-25

Marked as new idea.


It almost feel ridiculous having to ask this from a modern app.

I’m a long time spotify user and start to be more and more inclined to move to Apple music because of the lack of things like this and split view support to give just another example.



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iOS supports downloads when an app is suspended, closed, out of focus, and in any other inactive state. Spotify should use the information available at https://developer.apple.com/documentation/foundation/url_loading_system/downloading_files_in_the_bac... (SWIFT) and https://developer.apple.com/documentation/foundation/url_loading_system/downloading_files_in_the_bac... (OBJECTIVE C) to implement the necessary APIs to enable background downloads for saving music for offline playback. This is a huge advantage that Apple Music has over Spotify, and it is an outright lie to claim that iOS does not permit third party apps to run download tasks in the background.