[Mobile] Headphones: Triple Press for previous Song

Go to previous song when I triple press my headset button. So I don't have to take my phone out every time I want to go back. It's just a small thing that gets annoying over time.

Updated on 2018-06-25

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Casual Listener

Honestly Spotify - it shouldn't be our (users) idea, but your freaking obligation (duty) to do it. 


How long will it take you to implement such a basic functionality?


This was kind of working before at least with the Bose Soundsport headphones (see previous comment of Bread4days247). But now since the new update a tripple press doesn't do anything.

This is absolutly annoying and a basis feature of every music player. 


Since the update from 13th of August at least Bluetooth devices are able to go to previous songs (Bose Soundsport, Android).


Why on the iOS app this feature is present for a long time and on Android it is not? It's a MUST.


It's unnecessary and sometimes impossible to take my phone off my pocket just to restart or go back a song.


Thanks a lot.


I have been using Spotify for years but this missing feature and the lack of response from you guys is unbelievable. I google and find at least 5 different requests for this feature since 2014. I will no longer recomend Spotify to anyone this is a basic function that should be supported without users having to ask for it.

Im just one of many customers I do understand that but this kind of management just sucks...


If you want something done right do it yourself!


Thanks, bye.


Casual Listener

The continual lack of response from Spotify is pathetic, and yet so characteristic of their IDGAF attitude towards their paying customers. It's a shame, as they are one of the primary services for music streaming, and they do it pretty nicely when they bother to do so, but it could be so much better if they implemented a few simple things that their userbase have requested be either added into the app, or be brought back into the app. 


But apparently, blanking their users, and on some occasions even outright removing proven popular functions and features (EXAMPLE: Removing the popular running to tempo feature; a well-liked and utilsed app function, but removed without any prior consulation with their userbase, and only offering a subpar disfunctional replacement, and they're probably still ignored to this day. And Spotify have the gall to refer to this as "evolving" their app: please shove a fat one where the sun don't shine.  (this is getting long now)), is the way that this company likes to roll. 


On a slightly unrelated note, Spotify are also utterly useless at fixing tracks with wrong titles and artists assigned to their metadata, years after notifying them multiple times. This is one reason why, again, they shouldn't have removed another nice feature without providing a replacement, in this case, Line-in. It was a nice feature that I actually saw improvements implemented through. Not good enough for Spotify though. It was probably not useless enough for them to keep.

/rant over