[Mobile] Listening History On Mobile

On the Desktop client it is possible to view your listening history (Play Queue > History), this functionality should be added to the mobile applications too.


It could be added very nicely into the new "Me" tab on iOS:


Updated on 2020-05-05

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange, and for bringing us your continual feedback.

We also think this is a great idea, and we're looking into it further.

We've changed this idea to 'Under Consideration' and we'll post here if we have an update.



Just wanted to check in 6 years later...is this feature available yet? 

I've been waiting as well

Please give us this feature.
Or at least give us a global history so we can see our mobile songs on the desktop.

YES! At the very least a global listening history would allow us to see
songs we've been listening to on mobile. Although I don't see why this
feature cannot be implemented on mobile.

This would also be really good for me because a lot of the time I’m listening to Spotify Im driving and I don’t check my phone.


This feature reuqest has been open for a very long time now. This is frustrating. I‘m painfully aware of this usability gap every day. It does not feel like someone is listening...


Casual Listener

This feature is still lacking. Spotify pretends like it's listening to it's users. This is hilarious.


I just listened to a suggested song on my iPhone based on one of my playlists and it was really good. I am not able to find it in my history on my computer because it only saves songs listened to over the computer. I even asked Spotify support and they couldn’t help me, either. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a song history section for iOS! PLEASE I BEG YOU WITH UTMOST RESPECT AND LOVE FOR THIS APP AND ITS DEVELOPERS!!!!!!!!!


Please send my songs history wherein the songs were there which I had liked. After I by mistake removed the song by tapping on heart, I couldn't find it again. That song was so good. There is no "Songs liked" history option on your app or website. Please send the list of songs I had saved & listened to till date.


This is like the most *basic* functionality and it amazes me Spotify makes this so hard.  I can't count the number of times I heard a song I liked on radio but lost the ability to like it or save it to my playlist because it had already played.  COME ON SPOTIFY!!