[Mobile] Listening History On Mobile

On the Desktop client it is possible to view your listening history (Play Queue > History), this functionality should be added to the mobile applications too.


It could be added very nicely into the new "Me" tab on iOS:


Updated on 2018-09-06

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Yeah, it's pretty frustrating that I have to go into last.fm to recall a song that played on my iphone. Especially this weekend, with last.fm being down.

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Is this solved yet?


YES, PLEASE! Spotify, please take this idea into strong consideration. All too often I forget what I just listened to, and then I don't know how to find it again.


This also plays into the lack of visibiity of the Play Queue in mobile devices. Please fix both as they are pretty much the only severe deficiency I find with the app.




This would revolutionize the mobile app. I have nothing else bad to say about my experience with spotify thus far, however this is a major negative that would cause me to warn someone against investing in premium. Having a Recently Played playlist accessible to the mobile app is perfect for the vast amount of people who use this app on the go constantly! Too many times I've found new music on my commute to work, then once work starts I lose track of it all. Please look into this improvement ASAP spotify!! 


I don't understand why they don't just build it right in to the player wih a back button so you can play a song again if you like it. It's not like you can't just  add it to a playlist and then listen to it again that way, it's just less convenient. 


Also not being able to click on the musician's name to go to their page is extremely strange to not be able to do.


In the meantime a good fix is to just use Apple radio or Pandora 

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+1 I suddenly re-discovered one of my older favorite songs by using the Radio feature, but accidently forgot to like it and save it so now it's lost once again... **bleep**. :(

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Congratulations on reaching 100 kudos. You rock, and obviously, so does this idea.
Hang on tight, you will soon (usually within a couple of months) see a reply from Spotify in this thread determining the future of the idea.


Start radio.

Ride bike.

Hear awesome song.

Thnk to self, "Spotify has history. I'll find it later."

Later... finished riding bike.

Look for history.

No such thing.

Think to self, "I know the desktop client has history. I'll just check there."

Later... checking desktop history.

Oh, it's only for this machine.

Never find song again.




The only spotify client that has history is the one that it's the least useful on.

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Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it


Hey! This is a great idea. We'll keep passing on your feedback so keep leaving your comments/ kudos here. Thanks everyone.