[Mobile] Listening History On Mobile

On the Desktop client it is possible to view your listening history (Play Queue > History), this functionality should be added to the mobile applications too.


It could be added very nicely into the new "Me" tab on iOS:


Updated on 2018-09-06

Hi everyone!


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We're keeping this as a 'Good Idea, vote for it'.


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea.

We'll continue to check out the feedback here too.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know!



Jesus, just get it done.  How can Pandora make it so easy you can just scroll with a finger and have a list of thumbed up tracks and Spotify can't?  Is that proprietary technology?


Access to listening history is such an obvious feature to have (and so dearly missed) that there must be something very complicated about getting it done. Is it about privacy issues? Does it mean too much strain for the network?


Come on, Spotify, you use our listening history every day to suggest songs (and ads...) Why make access hard for us?  If it's indeed a complicated thing, it would suit you to explain why. It 'll save us time wondering and hoping.



It's just that Spotify takes so awfully long to implement promised or requested features, and that the synchronisation between the different client development teams (desktop, web, mobile) is almost nonexistent. It's probably just your regular large corporate governance issue: an idea deemed worthy by the guys at the bottom who actually develop the product, takes a year to propagate up the ranks and through management until it reaches carpeted boardroom level, then takes a year to be debated and formed into a concrete plan, before taking another year to trickle down as an actual sanctioned project to the programmers again.


Otherwise I can't explain how apart from this request here, for example there also still are no playlist folders in the web interface. That makes the web interface almost completely unusable for anyone who actually uses playlists (and has more than a couple of them), yet they've been successfully ignoring that request ever since the web player was released. I can't imagine how this, or making the play history available on mobile devices, is that complicated to implement, even with all the necessary testing and QA for a live commercial product.

Casual Listener

I'm sure the only one without access to my listening history is myself. Yes I'm implying that Spotify sells listening statistics to music companies


I live in Canada, hence my choices of streaming music services is quite limited.  So now that Spotify is available in Canada, I have started a 30-day trial of Spotify Premium, for evaluation against Rdio, the service I currently use.  I was amazed to find that my Listening History is not available on the Spotify Android app.  Rdio has always had it.  This is a point in favour of staying with Rdio when my trial period ends.




Hello Meredith Community Manager. I know you said you pass on suggestions and feedback but this thread was started in 2013,and it's now 2015,and this rather essential functionality has still not been implemented.

From a technology standpoint, there's nothing stopping them from doing this very easily. It's simply not "making the list" of software releases each month/quarter/year... This woud greatly increase usefulness of the app thus user enjoyment and "stickiness" factor. Please, get it rolled out!

I've just joined Spotify Premium, and I'm taken aback that there's no history.
I should add that the other services I use (competition to Spotify) not only provide a history, but allow you to select "like" and "dislike" retrospectively. I often an unable to view the screen or press the "like" or "dislike" buttons at the time a sing is playing, because my hands are full of soap or for some other reason. Please add this, Spotify — you have a great service, but the lack of history is most frustrating. :(