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Hi there!


It would be nice if i could see the lyrics at the same time or the least have some sort of access to it.:smileyhappy:

Hey everyone, we definitely still think this a great idea. We know you haven't heard from us in a while but we don't have any news at the moment. We will post here as soon as we have any updates. 

If you haven't already checked out our Genius feature it's a great way to go behind the lyrics of your favorite songs (on mobile). 

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It's already there

Play a song

then click this link



@ krikelin Thanks for the info..but, i was talking about iOS and android in mind. hope this makes sense :)

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Just changed the title of this topic to make it a little clearer. One of our users recommended this app - www.musixmatch.com - While TuneWiki also have their own iOS application, which can be found here. I personally haven't tried either, however.


Musixmatch doesn't work with Spotify for me (on Android). At least not in that it can scan what I'm currently playing; you have to search manually by typing in the artist/song.


Yes. Get TuneWiki working on mobile platforms (Android, Windows Phone, etc.). Why not?


I agree! It would be great to be able to scan our Spotify collections through Tunewiki or musiXmatch or even click to access the lyrics like you can on the computer. As far as I can see, this is not possible on my iPhone 4S despite having Spotify Premium and both lyrics apps. Then the lyrics could be synced like they are on the computer. MusiXmatch seems to scan your music library but as I only use Spotify, this is no good. Please try to sort this out, Spotify! Then we'll love you even more than we already do! xxx


on iOS, playing pandora and switching to lyrics app like kudixmatch do well but with spotify, playing pauses in switching. is this spotify's policy?





Hello guys....I just spend 10 bucks on different apps and some others that are free (instalyrics, musiX  etc) just to find out that  SHAZAM is the only one that give us the lyrics as the same time the music is being play in the iphone (4) form spotify (i got premiun).

Just press play and them go to shazam and the lyrics will be there.


So far that is the best we can do.


To clarify what I think is being asked for here (at least this is what I'm asking for):  while playing a song (or album or playlist) in Spotify I want to see the lyrics scrolling in real time.  I don't mind switching to another app, but I want to find the music and start it playing in Spotify.  I don't want to find music in some other app, then have it display lyrics while automatically starting the music playing in Spotify.


Just saw this recent note:  http://support.musixmatch.com/entries/22209457-spotify-lyrics-on-iphone.  So, at least one app maker is working on it.