[Mobile] Music Detection within the App

There should be an option to shazam a song around you, within the spotify app itself and then can continue playing the song on your phone, or add the song to a playlist.

Updated on 2018-07-22

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Rock Star 28
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Updated on 2018-07-22

Marked as new idea.


It seems Deezer has already implemented this function in the form of songcatcher. I find that having such a function is mandatory to compete with other musicstreaming services, don't wait too long to act.


Music Fan

Make a separate app for phones that VERY QUICKLY loads that when I open it and immediatly starts trying to identify the song that is playing from a nearby source.


If it can identify the song, give me a link to add it to my library or to one of my playlists.


I am always hearing a song playing somewhere that I want to add to my library, but I forget or don't know exactly who sings the song.  


Reasons Why You Should Vote for this Idea:

Having the funtion of shazam or music reconization within the app would make the process quicker and easier. It would also save storage in mobile devices with having to deal with one app instead of having to download spotify and a seperate app. This idea opens up opportunity for spotify against competition while benefiting the users. Because users don't always know the title of the song they're listening to or are listening to the song in a public setting and want to add it to their playlists.