[Mobile][Music] Option to turn off artist video when playing a track

I noticed recently that for some songs by certain artists, if I play their song I see video footage of the artist instead of album artwork. It appears to only be for some artists (for example, when playing "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato, there is video of Demi that starts playing, and it says "uploaded by Demi Lovato".) I spoke to support about this, and they told me there is currently no way to turn this off. I would really appreciate an option to turn this autoplay video off. 

Updated on 2018-04-08

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I hope they implement this idea cuz I'm not supposed to stream video at work and it looks like I'm watching a video when I'm listening to music😁 Plus the videos are just plain annoying anyways..

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Why? Why don't you just turn the screen off?


Finally figured out how to shut off the videos!!  I'm on iOS running Spotify vers.  Spotify calls the  video content "Canvas" and you can turn it off.


Go to the home screen and click on the little gear icon in the upper right to go to settings, scroll to "playback" and click on it, then scroll all the way down to the bottom and turn off "Canvas". 




Like many of you I use Spotify to lead athletic classes at the gym (I'm an indoor cycle instructor) and the videos are very distracting and remove the timeline for the song, as well as very distracting while driving.  Cops are cracking down on distracted driving bigtime and having videos visible while driving can be ticketed!