[Mobile][Music] Option to turn off artist video when playing a track

I noticed recently that for some songs by certain artists, if I play their song I see video footage of the artist instead of album artwork. It appears to only be for some artists (for example, when playing "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato, there is video of Demi that starts playing, and it says "uploaded by Demi Lovato".) I spoke to support about this, and they told me there is currently no way to turn this off. I would really appreciate an option to turn this autoplay video off. 

Updated on 2018-04-08

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On top of all the good points mentioned above, you can't see / edit your queue when a video is playing on mobile. 


I agree with this. I'm so tired of these annoying videos and smart lyrics I just want the song. Give us a way to turn it off. I pay 11 dollars for this service every month I should have control over this. Both are annoying. I just want to see the full screen album artwork. 


Check out: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Music-Option-to-disable-Videos-in-curated-Playlists/idi-...
Spotify basicly tells everyone to go **bleep** themselfs on this issue. They have become so big that none of what we say in this forum matters to them. The only thing that matters is if they start loosing paying customers and that is not going to happen. I would suggjest contacting the artist on like facebook or twitter and thell them what you think about this as this is only going to get worse. Big companies only care about the numbers in the bank account, nothing else.


I really want an option to disable videos playing, for the same reasons mentioned but also because it just stops the playlist i'm playing. My work Wi-Fi is run through Amsterdam (I'm in the UK) so my playlist stops and gives me an error message "cannot play in your current location".


At least auto skip videos if they can't be played, don't stop the playlist.


This feature is disruptive and I may actively select to not add certain songs to playlists. On Android, when a video "takes over" for album art, it also replaces the top right tool to be able to look at my play queue. Very big dislike and would like to be able to turn off.


So would I, for offline playlists this takes up valuable space!


Another post is suggesting this. And it’s from 2 years ago, had 3700 votes and Spotify still doesn’t care. This is ret*rded


Just got Spotify, Not being able to disable the videos is rediculous. Looks like I will be cancelling my subscription and going back to Apple Music. 

Gig Goer

These video clips are very annoying! Mostly, they aren’t good.  Even the good ones are so short that they get monotonous very fast.  


Worse, you don’t see the album cover, removing the recognition of the album, which is very important for scrolling through albums to find the one you want.


It is a really silly idea and should be an option at best.


Kindly remove or allow me to choose.


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Casual Listener

This needs to have an option to turn this off. I pay for this service and should not have to witness any promotion of any sort (which essentially is what they are doing - promotion for the video the extract is from for example).


On top of that, what about users who use spotify in their car? This could get them in trouble. Or docked on a station at the office, again it looks like they are watching videos instead of jus listening to music.


Its a ridiculous concept that we can't turn it off Spotify. This is a deal breaker for me as more and more artists upload pointless 5 second clips. I'd rather move to Google Music if this doesn't get an option