[Mobile] Optimize for long Screens (e.g. Pixel 2 XL)


I would like to request optimizing the Spotify app for 18:9 screens, such as on the Pixel 2 XL or OnePlus 6.

Please also understand that not all Android builds are alike, stock Android doesn't have any option to force optimization like the S9 does.

Even though phones with this ratio our out for over a year now, Spotify still didn't update their app to support this, even though Apple Music (Yes yes, Apple, the iOS developer) supports it for a while now and even though Spotify updated the app for the iPhone X within a month.

The optimizing would make the black bar dissapear, which is even more apparent on Android P when entering the multi tasking or lowering the notification shade (screenshots attached).

Also, coloring the navbar a bot would be nice if you'll anyway bring the bottom bar closer to the navbar.


P.S. The fix is extremely easy for your devs:

Insert this line in  the <application> tag of the app manifest.

<meta-data android:name="android.max_aspect" android:value="2:1" />



Updated on 2018-07-19

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Yes, do it, Spotify. I just bought a Moto G6 and it's quite frustrating to see that black empty bar everytime I'm on the app.

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It's unbelievable that 18:9 / 19:9 is still not supported. Please do it guys, for such a company like yours it's really just a matter of few days 🙂 The same problem is on xiaomi mi a2 lite and it's annoying in everyday use.


The fix can be applied manually in Android Studio and installed as an apk, but after the update you will get an error when looking for songs and such.


So Spotify got an update today and still no support to 18:9 screens. Unbelievable. I'm seriously considering cancelling my premium account. 


Mi a2 lite user here too, the gap is really annoying. Fix it, please, it's been a year...


I contacted Spotify Support via Chat and sent the issue with the fix, hopefully they will fix it soon. Maybe if many people do this it can increase our chances.


This one is a very annoying one on my Moto G6 plus. Also when the screen goes from landscape to portrait the app is lost and no longer knows where to position all elements. I hope they solve this rapidly. The app is letting me down more and more...

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Over 150 votes later, no response, no change.


This is 1 line in the Android manifest file and it is fixed. Incredible that Spotify does nothing...


 Can confirm that it also affects the moto g6 line of phones; we sadly have no auto-fullscreen mode for our apps either. Super unsightly. =( Also unfortunate to not see it during the slew of premium/Wear OS updates.