[Mobile] Optimize for long Screens (e.g. Pixel 2 XL)


I would like to request optimizing the Spotify app for 18:9 screens, such as on the Pixel 2 XL or OnePlus 6.

Please also understand that not all Android builds are alike, stock Android doesn't have any option to force optimization like the S9 does.

Even though phones with this ratio our out for over a year now, Spotify still didn't update their app to support this, even though Apple Music (Yes yes, Apple, the iOS developer) supports it for a while now and even though Spotify updated the app for the iPhone X within a month.

The optimizing would make the black bar dissapear, which is even more apparent on Android P when entering the multi tasking or lowering the notification shade (screenshots attached).

Also, coloring the navbar a bot would be nice if you'll anyway bring the bottom bar closer to the navbar.


P.S. The fix is extremely easy for your devs:

Insert this line in  the <application> tag of the app manifest.

<meta-data android:name="android.max_aspect" android:value="2:1" />



Updated on 2018-07-19

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I also have this issue. It's unacceptable that a company so big can't fix this. Spotify please do something about it, you're letting a lot of people down.


@DiegoSpader wrote:

Yes, do it, Spotify. I just bought a Moto G6 and it's quite frustrating to see that black empty bar everytime I'm on the app.


This is ridiculous how long this is taking. 18:9 screens have been out for quite some time, and phones with stock android do not have the "full screen apps" option in settings.


It's pathetic that this is a "issue" and even more sad that Spotify has done nothing to even acknowledge that it's even an issue... I. Pretty sure every phone that has been made on the last 2 years is 18:9 and they even went out of their way to make changes they did t need to make to the UI and navigation yet they can't even make the app scale to different aspects ratios... There is an update almost weekly for this what exaclty are they fixing. 


I have the same problem on my Moto G6 plus . The app is not even optimised for stock android

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How is this not a thing? How is having a huge black bar on my phone considered acceptable?

Spotify, what are you doing?


This is happening aa well on my Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, don't they care enough to bother fixing this issue, OP even gave them the solution to this.

Hopefully they have escaled the problem to the devs and plan to release a fix sometime soon.


 GREAT NEWS EVERYONE: Problem has been fixed in the latest update (

Finally Spotify looks good on all 18:9/19:9 devices.

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@jonas1210 wrote:

 GREAT NEWS EVERYONE: Problem has been fixed in the latest update (

Finally Spotify looks good on all 18:9/19:9 devices.


Finally! Thanks for the update! 2 votes from 200 lol!
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Finally!! Thanks Spotify